1. TipTop Audio - Circadian Rhythm
    Tiptop Audio - Circadian Rhythm

    jetzt 599,00 €

    statt 649,00 €

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  2. 4ms Rotating Clock Divider
    4ms Quad Clock Distributor

    jetzt 219,00 €

    statt 249,00 €

    noch verfügbar Kaufen

  3. Kilpatrick Audio - Phenol
    Kilpatrick Audio - Phenol

    jetzt 849,00 €

    statt 899,00 €

    noch verfügbar Kaufen

  4. Make Noise Pressure Points--9-
    Make Noise Teleplexer

    jetzt 119,00 €

    statt 135,00 €

    noch verfügbar Kaufen


  1. Toppobrillo - Stereomix
    Toppobrillo - Stereomix
    Sauberer Stereo-Mischer mit vier vollwertigen Kanälen, die jeweils einen pre/post schaltbaren ...
  2. Audio Damage - Boomtschak
    Audio Damage - Boomtschak
    Boomtschak - eine der leistungsstärksten vollanalogen Drum-Stimmen im Eurorack. Sie nutzt zur ...
  3. Doepfer A-147-2 (Special Edition)
    Doepfer A-147-2 (Special Edition)
    "Devil's Candy" Spezial-Edition mit roter Frontplatte und schwarzen Knöpfen. Kombination aus ...
  4. XAOC Devices - Kamieniec
    XAOC Devices - Kamieniec
    Ein analoges Phasenschieber-Modul, das von klassischen Phasern der 1970er inspiriert, aber neu ...

StromKult Updates

  1. workshop modular beginners Thursday 8th

    Thursday, December 8th , at 6pm, we’re holding a workshop for modular beginners in our beloved and once again rearranged showroom. Our goal is that you can confidently make your own first patch after that …and have a good time. Although we are nerds we won’t get too technical.  Along the way we will show you […]

  2. Modular System for X-mas?

    .. synthesizers could make one happy, too! If you plan to order something that you would like to have under or instead of a christmas tree – lightning could be even better – we strongly recommend to plan it and ask for availability in time. Usually this is not done in a day and we […]

  3. the truth and the real one..

    Next to our Minimoog demo in the showroom Berlin, we have placed and original Minimoog with an extra portion of patina and the smell of 40 years of stage carreer. Please be very careful comparing the original with the remake. Personally I still wonder that people go for such an expensive remake when there are […]