1. MIDI Solutions Beat Converter
    MIDI Solutions Beat Converter

    jetzt 99,00 €

    statt 165,00 €

    noch verfügbar Kaufen

  2. Low-Gain Electronics - Short Bus v2
    Low-Gain Electronics - Short Bus v2

    jetzt 95,00 €

    statt 109,00 €

    noch verfügbar Kaufen

  3. Metasonix R-60 Self-Tuning MIDI-CV Interface--front
    Metasonix R-60 Self-Tuning MIDI-CV Interface

    jetzt 299,00 €

    statt 459,00 €

    noch verfügbar Kaufen

  4. Metasonix R52 - Tube filter--9-
    Metasonix R52 - Tube filter

    jetzt 429,00 €

    statt 459,00 €

    noch verfügbar Kaufen


  1. Mungo Enterprises - Zoom-Modul
    Mungo Enterprises - Zoom-Modul
    Alle Eurorack-Module aus Mungos Zero-Reihe bieten eine Zoom-Funktion, um alle Potentiometer (Pa...
  2. Mungo Enterprises - g0
    Mungo Enterprises - g0 Granular processor
    Das g0 kann Audiosignale in Echtzeit elastisch manipulieren, von der Erzeugung kleinster Grains...
  3. Mungo Electronics - d0 Delay
    Mungo Electronics - d0 Delay
    Zweikanaliges Digitaldelay-Modul mit Delayzeiten von 0.2mS bis über 2S. Es trackt 1V/Oktave, T...
  4. Mungo Enterprises - p0 Percussion
    Mungo Enterprises - p0 Percussion
    Eines der spannendsten Drum-Module ist definitiv das p0, denn es orientiert sich am natürliche...

StromKult Updates

  1. Analogue Systems?

    According to Mr. Bob Williams originally idea, his brand and product line – the integrator modular system a.k.a. analogue systems – will be sold in ready to go casings and wooden cabints again. They will come – just completely mounted up the way you want them – with a full five years warranty from now […]

  2. Picking Pot at Kottbusser tor

    Probably being too nervous (?) already looking forward to the first crop for a while (?) finally the Berlin Police decided to collect the little hanf plants from the middle of the kottbusser Tor today. Even after the plants was still very small they probably could have had a nice evening with officially roundabout 700 […]

  3. Aether Acoustics exhibition

    With the help of SchneidersLaden our friend Andreas Gerth of the band DRIFTMACHINE is presenting the soundinstallation Aether Acoustics at the exhibition The Mechanical Corps – On the trails of Jules Verne in Dortmund. 11. April 2015 – 12. Juli 2015 HMKV im Dortmunder U – Hoher Wall 15 See yourselves and listen to a […]