1. Make Noise Phonogene (v.372)--9-
    Make Noise Phonogene

    jetzt 499,00 €

    statt 569,00 €

    noch verfügbar Kaufen

  2. Frequency Central - Vogue
    Frequency Central - Vogue VCF/VCA

    jetzt 175,00 €

    statt 215,00 €

    noch verfügbar Kaufen

  3. Expert Sleepers ES4 gate expander--9-
    Expert Sleepers - ESX-8GT Mk2

    jetzt 58,99 €

    statt 69,00 €

    noch verfügbar Kaufen

  4. Sherman Dual Filterbank 2
    Sherman Dual Filterbank 2

    jetzt 1.225,00 €

    statt 1.349,00 €

    noch verfügbar Kaufen


  1. Intellijel - Quad VCA
    Intellijel Designs - Quad VCA
    Der Quad VCA besteht aus vier analogen Verstärkerschaltungen, ihre Kennlinie kann zwischen...
  2. Qu-Bit Electronix Bild 1
    Qu-Bit Electronix - Contour
    Contour ist ein vierfacher AD-Hüllkurvengenerator mit Loop-Funktionen. Attack- und Decay-P...
  3. CG-Products - Pre
    CG-Products - Add1
    Mit dem Add1 kann man sein Modular-System um zwei identisch aufgebaute Addierer / Komparatoren ...
  4. Rossum Electro-Music - Control Forge
    Rossum Electro-Music - Morpheus
    Das Morpheus ist ein erstklassiges 14-Pol Digitalfilter, das dem Emu Morpheus Synthesizer und s...

StromKult Updates

  1. NAMM AFtershow..

    The view from amerika onto some european modular makers is quite interesting stating out here that we care for features and sound quality in not just high end but higher end modules, so .. thank you for the flowers and ..  what’s going on with the products of our american collueges then? Read the whole […]

  2. little funk operator?

    A real virtual chicken little funk operator – MADE IN USA now (god bless the Amerikafürst) – is indeed available just from the very very best of synthesizershops all over the world.. .. presented here by lovely Marketing Manager Anabelle Spencer for Super Sonic Sound System. To create your own mainframe just visit ussss online […]

  3. Beginners Workshop Thursday the 9th of February

    Thursday the 9th of Febrauary  we are back in action with a beginners workshop for modular synths in our beloved and once again rearranged showroom. Our goal is that to help you confidently make your own first patch and… as always to have a good time. Although we are nerds we won’t get too technical. […]