on sale

  1. LEP Lumanoise V2
    L.E.P - Lumanoise V1

    now €95.00

    instead €135.01

    still available Buy

  2. Make Noise Multimode Gate--9-
    Make Noise - FXDf

    now €125.00

    instead €135.00

    still available Buy

  3. Mutable Instruments - Ripples--9-
    Snazzy FX - Tidal Wave

    now €459.00

    instead €495.00

    still available Buy

  4. Pittsburgh Modular - Synth Block--9-
    Make Noise Mysteron

    now €339.00

    instead €349.00

    still available Buy

new stuff

  1. Steady State Fate - GateStorm
    Steady State Fate - GateStorm
    The GateStorm accomodates not less than eight gate generators, four of them for simple and four...
  2. Tom Oberheim Two Voice PRO--9-
    Tom Oberheim - Two Voice PRO
    Tom Oberheim´s personal favorite of his own synths, the TwoVoice will be produced again soon! ...
  3. Synthesis Technology - E950 Circuit Bent VCO
    Polaxis - Talko
    Talko is a module emulating the known LPC synthesis, read: it is specialized on speech synthesi...
  4. Pittsburgh Modular - Cell[48] System1 front
    Kilpatrick Audio - Banana to 3.5mm adaptor cables (4+1 pack)
    Users of modular systems with banana jacks know the problem when integrating their synth with g...

StromKult updates

  1. SUPERBOOTH 2017 will happen..

    ..April 2017 in Berlin again. Further info next month on SUPERBOOTH. Looking forward to this, registration starts soon.

  2. Regular workshops

    Once for starters and once for runaways we will have monthly workshops about eurorack and synthesizer topics inside SchneidersLaden from now on. They will always start at 6pm and your admission per mail is more than welcome.

  3. Workshop / Performance with Richard Scott Thursday 26th

    Up next at Schneidersladen: this month, on Thursday the 26th at 6 pm  we have invited Richard Scott to talk about his improvisation technique on the Eurorack Modular Synth. Please save the date for a bunch of fun and some insight on patching and live performance.   Richard Scott is a free improvising musician and […]