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Welcome at Schneidersladen online. During our office times we are to your disposition by email and phone also to process orders personally, indiviual, easy and securely this way. Thank you in advance for good ideas to make things better and easier with our shop at all, we try our best to get this done but we still like some things a bit old school, could be good and bad.
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on sale

  1. Synthetic Sound Labs 2610 V-Gates--9-
    Synthetic Sound Labs 2610 V-Gates

    jetzt €205.00

    statt €250.00

    still available Buy

  2. Teenage Engineering OP1 Display Protection--9-
    Teenage Engineering OP1 Display Protection

    jetzt €8.00

    statt €13.99

    still available Buy

  3. /
    DinSync - Amnesia

    jetzt €115.00

    statt €120.00

    still available Buy

  4. WMD Sequential Switch Matrix --front
    WMD Sequential Switch Matrix expander

    jetzt €135.00

    statt €149.00

    still available Buy

new stuff

  1. KOMA Elektronik - Kommander--9-
    KOMA Elektronik - Attenuator Cable
    KOMA's Attenautor Cable does exactly what you would expect it to do: it is able to attenuate a ...
  2. Doepfer A-106-1 X-Treme Filter
    L.E.P - Cassa
    Cassa means bass drum in Italian and this Eurorack module is the drum voice you might know from...
  3. /
    Moog - Minifooger Delay
    Analog bucket brigade device (BBD) delay for really low money! The delay has a delay time of ma...
  4. 4ms Quad Pingable LFO--1-
    Frequency Central - Ultra Wave
    Clock-syncable, digital LFO with multiple waveforms, S&H, noise, tempo multiplication, waveform...


  1. Attenuator cable ..

    After KOMA Elektronik successfully took care of the question “where do I store my patch cables?”, they now released another product to simplify the modular users´ daily business: The KOMA Attenuator Cable with one jack socket on one side, a jack plug on the other side and a slider in the middle enables the user […]
  2. Macbeth Synthesizers..

    In a nice chat on the phone Mr. Ken Macbeth confirmed today that his next future product – the elements – is becoming more concrete soon. He released a few videos on his Video-Channel showing him playing around and having much fun with the final prototype; First shipments should happen before christmas (!!). In his […]
  3. low budget synth meeblip

    After he already introduced it on Musikmesse 2014 (some pics by Hajo Liese here) Peter Kirn now showed off the final version of the MEEBLIP anode desktop synthesizer with an anlogue Filter for very small money on a trip to New York. See some pics of the perfomance here and watch out for the anode […]