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  1. Delptronics LDB-1--9-
    Delptronics Thunderclap

    jetzt €130.00

    statt €145.00

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  2. Tiptop Audio Hats808 - TR 808 HiHats--9-
    Tiptop Audio HATS808 - TR 808 HiHats

    jetzt €170.00

    statt €189.00

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  3. Doepfer A-186-1  Gate/Trigger Combiner
    Low-Gain Electronics - Short Bus v2

    jetzt €95.00

    statt €109.00

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  4. /
    Grayscale - Algorhythm

    jetzt €295.00

    statt €325.00

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new stuff

  1. Happy Nerding Super Sawtor-front
    Happy Nerding - Super Sawtor
    The Super Sawtor produces a unisono effect with plenty of harmonic content from the incoming wa...
  2. CG Products - Delay1022 Mk2
    Mungo Enterprises - r0 Reverb
    While many reverb modules have only "size" and "feedback" parameters and sometimes include a fi...
  3. CG Products - Delay1022 Mk2
    Mungo Electronics - d0 Delay
    Voltage controlled two-channel digital delay module with delay times of .2mS to 2S. It tracks 1...
  4. XAOC Devices - Sewastopol
    nw2s - IO Unbalanced
    The eternal sorrow with integrating the modular system in a studio environment: either there ar...

StromKult updates

  1. Picking Pot at Kottbusser tor

    Probably being too nervous (?) already looking forward to the first crop for a while (?) finally the Berlin Police decided to collect the little hanf plants from the middle of the kottbusser Tor today. Even after the plants was still very small they probably could have had a nice evening with officially roundabout 700 […]

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  2. Aether Acoustics exhibition

    With the help of SchneidersLaden our friend Andreas Gerth of the band DRIFTMACHINE is presenting the soundinstallation Aether Acoustics at the exhibition The Mechanical Corps – On the trails of Jules Verne in Dortmund. 11. April 2015 – 12. Juli 2015 HMKV im Dortmunder U – Hoher Wall 15 See yourselves and listen to a […]

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  3. Special edition Shared System

    The shared system by Make Noise has been seen in our showroom for a few days, now .. but – we are very sorry – one of the clients forced us to sell it. So now, waiting list, .. tbc.. but .. The real one .. the shared system gold .. a special edition with […]

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