Dear clients, visitors, friends and guests,

Welcome at Schneidersladen online. During our office times we are to your disposition by email and phone also to process orders personally and individually in an easy and secure way. Thank you in advance for good ideas how to make our shop easier and better, we try our best to get this done. But we still like some things a bit old-fashioned which might be good or bad.
Have much fun browsing and reading. Warm greetings from Berlin.


on sale

  1. ExpertSleepers 50cm glowing cable
    Expert Sleepers - glow in the dark patch cable, 50cm

    jetzt €2.80

    statt €3.50

    still available Buy

  2. MeeBlip Anode front
    MeeBlip Anode

    jetzt €129.00

    statt €139.00

    still available Buy

  3. Expert Sleepers ESX-4CV
    Expert Sleepers ESX-8CV

    jetzt €138.99

    statt €155.00

    still available Buy

  4. The Harvestman Kuzminorgel
    The Harvestman Lider Suboctave

    jetzt €129.00

    statt €160.00

    still available Buy

new stuff

  1. Synthesis Technology E560 Deflector Shield--9-
    MOTM E560 Deflector Shield
    The E560 is another unique DSP-based module that has no equal in the modular world, in any form...
  2. XAOC Devices - Sewastopol
    XAOC Devices - Sewastopol
    Sewastopol contains a number of circuits for integrating external audio and to extract signals ...
  3. Pittsburgh Modular - single wood panels
    4ms Modular Row angle connector 30°
    Angle piece for connecting two Modular Row cases in an angle of 30°
  4. 4ms Modular Row, Powered, Thin
    4ms Modular Row, Thick, Powered
    Lightweight, expandable 3U big Eurorack desktop case with integrated power supply (4ms Row Powe...


  1. Aphex Twin hats auch ..

    .. wir wollen es gerne verkaufen: Das funktionierende Buchla 200e System aus der Demo in Schneidersladen steht zur Disposition, Module kommen eh nicht nach und der Easel stockt auch. Also: Ran an die Buletten, ausprobieren kostet noch nichts, danach wirds teuer,  Zum Preis erwarten wir akzeptable Vorschläge, Umsonst wirds leider nix! Umsonst gabs offensichtlich mal […]
  2. Mungo was in Berlin ..

    From Australia we had John Pillans alias Mungo visiting SchneidersLaden a while ago. His modules are not visible on our site because they are not available for sale from stock yet, but at least you can listen to some of them and check them out in one of the bigger demosystems we offer you to […]
  3. Back in Stock

    We have some rare items back in stock: the Legendary most colorfull: Endorphin Furthrrrr Generator the perfect timekeeper: Innerclock Systems SyncGen 2 Pro and last but not least: Cwejman Vca 2P Stereo Panning Amp