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Welcome at Schneidersladen online. During our office times we are to your disposition by email and phone also to process orders personally, indiviual, easy and securely this way. Thank you in advance for good ideas to make things better and easier with our shop at all, we try our best to get this done but we still like some things a bit old school, could be good and bad.
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on sale

  1. Broken Silicon Gainsburg--9-
    Broken Silicon - Gainsburg

    jetzt €259.00

    statt €279.00

    still available Buy

  2. Pittsburgh Modular - Synth Block--9-
    Pittsburgh Modular - Synth Block

    jetzt €249.00

    statt €299.00

    still available Buy

  3. Pittsburgh Modular - Cell[48] System1 front
    Pittsburgh Modular - Cell[48] System1

    jetzt €499.00

    statt €599.00

    still available Buy

  4. Tiptop Audio BD909 - 909 Bass Drum--9-
    Tiptop Audio BD909 - 909 Bass Drum

    jetzt €149.00

    statt €160.00

    still available Buy

new stuff

  1. Vermona modular twin VCAmp--front--
    Vermona modular twinVCAmp
    High-quality dual VCA module from Vermona, versatile due normalizations, a summing output as we...
  2. Verbos Electronics - Voltage Multistage
    Verbos Electronics - Voltage Multistage
    At first glance you might consider the Voltage Multistage as a conventional analog sequencer bu...
  3. Verbos Electronics Harmonic Oscillator
    Verbos Electronics - Complex Oscillator
    Dual oscillator following the west coast philosophy of one main oscillator with it's frequency ...
  4. Verbos Electronics Harmonic Oscillator
    Verbos Electronics - Harmonic Oscillator
    Analog additive oscillator module that generates the first eight harmonic as sine waves. The fr...


  1. Cwejman Modules

    We have a minimal amount of cwejman modules in stock It would be the AP-1  Processor /  SPH2 & the new QMMF 4 - Please feel free to ask if there s still stock and ve a nice easter holiday  
  2. Elements on Musikmesse

    Our friend Roland made this wonderful video showing Ken Macbeth introducing his Elements on Musikmesse 2014. If you like the synth you can already now place a preorder in a musical instruments store of your choice (?). The first batch of units should be coming in May, but you never know, it will be real […]
  3. Anode Meeblip

    The very little Anode Meeblip Synthesizer module that has been introduced in Frankfurt will need a bit more time. A very first shipment is coming soon, please calculate the first units ex berlin for week #21/ around May, 23rd.