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  1. Expert Sleepers FHX-1
    Expert Sleepers FHX-1

    now €135.00

    instead €159.00

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  2. ADDAC 501 Complex random - front
    ADDAC 501 Complex random

    now €199.00

    instead €460.00

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  3. Mutable Instruments - Braids--9-
    Frequency Central - Waverider Mk1

    now €199.00

    instead €325.00

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  4. Endorphin.es Furthrrrr Generator
    Endorphin.es - Furthrrrr Generator

    now €690.00

    instead €690.00

    still available Buy

new stuff

  1. Vermona modular  VCDrive
    Vermona modular - TwinCussion
    A duophonic percussion/drum module which offers you two individual, almost identical voices. Ea...
  2. Verbos Electronics - Touchplate Keyboard
    AJH Synth - Ring SM - SILVER
    The Ring SM is an utterly versatile module which features a three input discrete transistor Rin...
  3. Manhattan Analog MA35 VCF/A--9-
    AJH Synth - Sonic XV - SILVER
    Available late August 2016. The Sonic XV is a -24dB per octave steep diode filter with voltage...
  4. Future Retro - Mondovox
    Future Retro - 512 Touch Keyboard
    The 512 is way more than just a capatitive touch keyboard with 29 touch plates, as it has a var...

StromKult updates

  1. Cwejman QMMF4 in stock now

    The Mothership module is back in stock. Click here for some more infos.  

  2. Workshop July 21st: Ornaments & Crime (or: how to design a module)

    It’s about time to reveal the topic for our special workshop and special guest: We are going to have a close look at the ornaments and crime module. Mainly the work of three people who met through muffwiggler, O&C is a prime example of what the Eurorack DIY community is capable of. O&C is filling […]


  3. Solder workshop

    To solder yourself a little synth may be an interesting experience for electronic musicians: Leaf Audio will realize another of their DIY workshops where you can learn such inside the KRAKE festival on the afternoon of July, 30st – Saturday. To participate please register asap via this side: If I got it right, you just […]