Dear clients, visitors, friends and guests,

Welcome at Schneidersladen online. During our office times we are to your disposition by email and phone also to process orders personally and individually in an easy and secure way. Thank you in advance for good ideas how to make our shop easier and better, we try our best to get this done. But we still like some things a bit old-fashioned which might be good or bad.
Have much fun browsing and reading. Warm greetings from Berlin.


on sale

  1. Koma Elektronik BD-101 analog Gate Delay
    KOMA Elektronik BD-101 Analog Gate / Delay

    jetzt €305.00

    statt €339.00

    still available Buy

  2. Pittsburgh Modular - Oscillator--9-
    Pittsburgh Modular - Oscillator

    jetzt €179.00

    statt €219.01

    still available Buy

  3. Pittsburgh Modular - Dual Index (dual VCA)--9-
    Pittsburgh Modular ? Dual Index (VCA / VC Mixer)

    jetzt €109.00

    statt €139.00

    still available Buy

  4. Koma Elektronik FT-201 Filter w/ Sequencer
    Koma Elektronik FT-201 Analog Filter

    jetzt €315.00

    statt €349.00

    ..sorry, just sold! Details

new stuff

  1. Hackme Electronics - Vectr
    Hackme Electronics - Vectr (black front)
    A new, touch-free, 3D controller working with precise and fluid cutting-edge sensor technology....
  2. Flame FX6 Eurorack module
    Qu-Bit Electronix RT60
    Stereo multi effects processor with seven DSP effects and voltage control of all parameters.
  3. MeeBlip Anode front
    Grendel - Drone Commander
    Drone machine with a very significant fuzzy sound and an unique exterior in an old rugged metal...
  4. Pittsburgh Modular - Synth Block--9-
    Make Noise - Mysteron
    Mysteron is a dual, coltage controllable waveguide module that sounds damn organic despite it's...



    MUSIC TECH FEST HACK CAMP Berlin Music Tech Fest Saturday -25 October 2014 at 14:00 / Sunday -  26 October 2014 at 14:00 @Factory Rheinsberger Str. 76/77 -  10115 Berlin Music Tech Fest is the “festival of music ideas”. It brings the entire music technology ecosystem under one roof. It provides a creative platform for […]
  2. Digital.Analog in Munich

    October 24th n 25th, Friday and Saturday on DigitalAnalog in Munich we will install the modular karoussell for a public workshop once again. So if you are around, come and play on modulars.. and say hello.
  3. Welcome Boller Baller ..

    We refreshed our installation in the entrance of Schneidersladen, so once you come up from the Kaisers Drugstore door you will first of all see the selection of different KOMA(s) next to Miami.  Once you lost the control over Miami on the right KOMA you can add a bit of the rhythm ace or let […]