4ms Modular Row, Powered, Thick


Lightweight, expandable 3U big Eurorack desktop case with integrated power supply (4ms Row Power 30) and a "flying bus board" power distribution. It offers you one row with 104HP wifth and a maximal depth of 75mm.



The Modular Row case in the THICK version has one row for Eurorack modules, it offers a width of 104HP and an installation depth of 75mm.
It has a metal construction (aluminium boat, matt coated steel sides and stainless steel screws) and hence is sturdy.
Use the snap-locks to connect Modular Rows together, either diretly case to case or with angle connectors inbetween.

The intergrated power supply is a "Row Power 30" by 4ms which delivers 30W. Maximum current provided by the RowPower 30: 1.5A @ +12V, 0.75A @ -12V and 0.5A @ +5V. All voltages are displayed with LEDs. An on/off switch is available.The power can be passed to other Row Power units by optional "barrel jumper cables".
The power is distributed via two "flying bus boards" with together 13 male headers.


The idea behind the Modular Row principle is the of a case which itself is modular. The Rows come in 3U (with two different depths) or in 6U with 50mm depth, with power or without.
The individual Rows can be connected without tools, either directly or by using angle connectors in 30° and 45°. For placing the case securely legs in two lengths are available. This makes it possible to expand the cases, to create angled ones or to take onyl the segments needed to your live gig.


input for external 15-20V DC power supply


Width: 560mm with connectors (53.6mm without), height: 132mm, depth 88.5mm

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