Analogue Systems RS-380 multi module


This very useful module combines in 12HP four completely different sub modules: a voltage controlled LFO, a noise generator, a sample-and-hold type random generator and a VCA.



  1. Voltage controlled LFO with two selectable frequency ranges: LOW goes from 0.3Hz to 6Hz and HIGH from 5Hz to 1.500Hz; using control voltages you can reach lower and higher frequencies, though. The CV input is not compliant to the 1V/octave characteristic. Two waveforms are available; square and triangle.
  2. analog noise generator that produces white noise
  3. SampleandHold: due to normalizaed sockets you can use this sub-module without patching as the LFO´s square wave and the white noise are pre-patched. Alternatively you can insert other signals than the internal white noise through the Source In socket.
  4. VCA: classic VCA with one signal input, two signal outputs and one CV input

Because of the different position of the mounting holes there will be a gap of 0.5HP (= 2,5 mm) when mounting an Analogue Systems module by the side of an Eurorack module. Take this into consideration when planning your system. Gaps can be covered with 1.5HP wide blank panels by Doepfer.

Analogue Systems modules have a power cable with a different connector so an adaptor is needed for the use in an Eurorack case. Under "modular accessory" you'll find a special adaptor cable or the Synovatron ASm2Db adaptor.


LFO: CV input, LFO output
Noise: white noise output
Sample&Hold: signal input (Src In), S&H output
VCA: one input, two outputs, one CV input


3U Eurorack module, 12HP wide (see info above), 65mm deep.

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