Audio Damage - Æverb


Voltage controlled digital reverb with very dense sound. The character is absolutely not realistic but pretty vintage and very suitable for electronic music.



The Æverb's algorithm is a feedback delay network (FDN) consisting of eight very short delays passing eight low pass filters with their feedback paths being summed. This sum is on one hand the output signal and on the other hand the input signal for the eight delays. This algorithm provides for a very dense vintage reverb sound.

All three Æverb parameters can be voltage controlled, with CVs beind mixed to the potentiometer value.
DECAY controls overall gaing of the feedback loops. The more gain the longer the decay.
sets corner frequencies of the eight low pass filters, dampening the sound. Truning up the potentiometer will make the sound more and more brighter. In maximum position you'll hear the internal noise being amplified by the feedbacks. The sweet spot is at 3'o clock position.
MIX is responsible for the mix of original and reverb signal. Counterclockwise is dry, clockwise is wet.


Audio input and output (max. ±7V)
CV inputs for decay time, damp and mix


3U Eurorack module, 8HP wide, 20mm deep
current draw 60mA

0.2 kg
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