Cwejman D-LFO


Two identical, flexible LFOs with very innovative synch possiblities and an enormous frequency range. The cherry on top is the amplitude- and ring modulation between the LFOs. An interesting tool for generating extraordinary waveforms and also very suitable for those somewhat different FM sounds.



Each LFO is voltage controllable, re-triggerable and provides you with seven waveforms ? two different sample and holds, sine, triangle, falling and rising sawtooth and square. There´s a switch for two frequency ranges: 40s-0.2s und 0.4s-2ms duration per cycle, this means this LFOs go up to 20 kHz and can be also used as VCOs! The RM/AM outputs ring modulated or amplitude modulated signal of the LFOs and thus creates one-of-a-kind modulations. The second LFO can be synced by the first; the sync-trip-point which can be set manually or by a CV defines at which point of the amplitude the synchronisation happens. An extraordinary feature! Additionally each LFO has external trigger AND gate inputs for re-triggering... very cool.


one external input (EXT I/P)
Sync trigger and sync gate inputs for each LFO, trip point CV input.
outputs: LFO 1, LFO 2 and ringmodulator output (RM/AM)


3U Eurorack module, 14HP wide, 25mm deep. Current draw:75mA

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