Doepfer Monster Case DUAL = 2x 4x168HP (230V)


Not in production anymore.

Two big 4x186HP wide monster flightcases for mounting 3U Eurorack-modules. Each of the two cases contains 4 power supplies with 1200mA power (230V mains), 8 bus boards and four rows at 168 HP. Total: 1344HP module space.


  • Two cases, each with 4 rows of 168HP width. Total 1344 HP!
  • useable depth for modules: ~ 100 mm
  • contains: 8 power supplies A-100PSU2 (1200mA. 230V mains), 16 bus boards
  • maximal current available: 9600mA (2x 4800mA)


Kaltgeräte-Netztstecker für 230V

15 kg
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