Expert Sleepers - disting mk3


This thing called disting is a multifuncional module with two in- and outputs each and more than 20 different functions for processing and generting audio and CV signals. LFO, VCO, comparator, linear/exponential converter, min/max, pitch tracker, envelope follower, slew limiter, filter, phaser, adder... the list goes on.



The 16 algorithms are found in two banks à 4 groups, each with up to 4 algorithms:

"classic disting" bank

  • group 1:
    a) Precision Adder with integer voltage offsets
    b) Four Quadrant Multiplier with integer multiply/divide
    c) Full-wave rectfier. Removes negative signal parts and flips them into positive range
    d) Minimum / maximum detector. Will output only the signal with highest or lowest amplitude
  • group 2:
    a) Linear/Exponential Converter. Changes characteristic of CVs
    b) Quantizer with selectable scales
    c) Comparator with adjustable hysteresis
    d) Dual Waveshaper. Wavefolder and triangle-to-sine shaper
  • group 3:
    a) Sample & Hold with noise source and adjustable slew rate
    b) Slew Rate Limiter with linear and exponential slew
    c) Pitch and Envelope Tracker. Outputs a CV that follows the frequency or amplitude of the signal
    d) Clockable Delay/Echo (1600ms)
  • group 4:
    a) LFO with through zero frequency control and waveshaping
    b) Clockable LFO with multiply/divide and waveshaping
    c) VCO with linear FM, sine and saw outputs
    d) VCO with waveshaping, saw/triangle and pulse outputs

second bank

  • group 1:
    a) voltage controleld delay line
  • group 2:
    a) Resonator for drum synthesis
    c) phaser, up to 10 stages
  • group 3:
    b) tape delay with VC of tape speed
    d) state variable filter, smooth variable filter type
  • group 4:
    a) LP/HP filter
    b) LP/BP filter
    c) BP/HP filter
    d) BP/Notch filter


With the mk3 version the disting has been heavily re-engineered. It features user-updateable code via SD card, more than 16 algorithms and more functionality due to new two encoders and push buttons for more control options. The module now consumes 50% less power and the depth has been reduced.


signal inputs X and Z
signal outputs A and B
CV-input Z


3U Eurorack module, 4HP wide, 42mm deep
Power consumption: 50mA @ +12V and 20mA @ -12V

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