Manhattan Analog - Manual Voltage Processor


The module is not in production at the moment and will be re-designed first, one day...

Manual Voltage Processor, or MVP, is a multifunctional module for treating voltages. It contains 3 polarizers, a 4 channel mixer, 2 bufferend multiples and finally 2 passive multiples.



  • Polarizer: each channel has one input, one output, a control for scaling/inverting voltages and a LED to display the voltage. Each channel can be used as as offset generator, too.
  • Mixer: four channels. Due to two outputs it can be used as a 2:1 or a 4:1 mixer.
  • two buffered multiples: one input, two outputs. Input of mulitple A is normalized to input of multiple B.
  • two passive four-way multiples. Each one is normalized to an output of a buffered multiple.

per Polarizer: one input an one output

Mixer: four inputs, two outputs (21 and 42)

per buffered multiples: one input and two outputs

per passive multiples: four interconnected sockets


3U Eurorack module, 16HP wide, 38mm deep.

0.245 kg
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