Metasonix R-57 - Dual VCA / Preamp


Dual tube VCA module. This module is a direct reaction to some customer's complaints the R-51 wasn't loud enough...
Well, the R-57 is LOUD with a boost of +50dB which is sufficient, isn't it?



Two VCAs you can use als tube pre-amps due to the extreme gain of +50dB. Depending on the setting the R-57's sound reaches from more or less clean over meaty distortion up to amputation. No, this is not step-momma's favorite VCA unless she is a dirty slut.
When the INVERT-CV switch at the 2nd VCA is activated, it sets channel 2's CV to operate oppositely to channel 1. This way you can easily use the module as a stereo crossfader/panner.


Power consumption: 300mA in use, 800-850 mA cold startup for 3-5 seconds.
Tiptop uZeus and "Happy Ending" power supplies cannot run the R-57 and are not recommended. Most Doepfer, Monorocket, Analogue Systems and other third-party cabinets should have no trouble powering the R-57.


Per VCA: audio input, audio input, CV input


3U Eurorack module, 22HP wide, 25mm deeep. Tubes protrude 38mm.
Power consumption: A LOT!!! 800-850mA during warmup, 300mA when in use!

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