MFB Modul Drum 07 - HiHat/Cymbal 522


Analog drum module for creating HiHat (open and closed) and cymbal sounds. The circuitry is based on the hi hat-section of MFB´s 522 but instead of white noise a "metallic" mix of oscillator sounds is used.



Following parameters can be edited: tune (for all three instruments), decay of open hi hat, decay of closed hi hat, decay of cymbal, tone of cymbal.
Additionally the decays of cymbals and the hihats can be controlled by voltages. All CV inputs have attenuators. The trigger inputs of the thre instruments are equipped with sensitivity controls.

A special feature of the cymbal sound is the Tone-Input which gives you the possibility to use external sounds instead of the internal square wave generators.


Trigger inputs for open hihat, closed hihat and cymbal
CV inputs for decay time of open and closed hihats and for cymbal tone
Tone audio input for the cymbal
Audio outputs for the hihats and the cymbal


3U Eurorack module, 12HP wide, 24mm deep. Current draw 30mA

1 kg
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