MFB – Drum-07 HH/CY


Drum-07 HH/CY is composed of three drum voices. In detail, closed hi-hat,open hi-hat and cymbal are available. The circuit design is based on instruments included in the MFB-522, Tanzbär and Tanzbär Lite. For using them in a modular environment, some extras were implemented. The module uses a metallic oscillator mix, made of six pulse waves, to create sound. Hi-Hats are shaped via a band-pass filter plus an envelope. To create cymbals, two band passes for attack and decay phase are employed. Their mixing proportion is adjustable. Instead of the internal oscillators, an external sound source can be used for the cymbal’s decay phase. The Drum-07 HH/CY responds dynamically to incoming trigger signals. Besides sequencers and MIDI/CV interfaces, the circuits can also be played using a drum pad, piezo element or dynamic microphone.



The Drum-07 HH/CY module comes equipped with potentiometers for the following parameters. Some of them also feature CV inputs.

Global: Pitch
Closed hi-hat: Decay (100 milliseconds at most.)
Open hi-hat: Decay (One second at most. CV input plus attenuator available.)
Cymbal: Decay (CV input plus attenuator available.), Tone (CV input, no attenuator)               

The dynamic trigger inputs are adjustable in their sensitivity. At completely clockwise position, 0.1 V are sufficient to activate the module’s drum voices.

Drum-07 HH/CY is not compatible with the M-Bus protocol.


Trigger inputs for open hi-hat, closed hi-hat and cymbal
Decay CV inputs for open hi-hat and cymbal
Tone CV input
Tone audio input
Audio outputs for all drum voices


3U Eurorack module, 12 HP wide, 24 mm deep.
Power consumption: 30 mA at +12 V and 30 mA at -12 V

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