Mungo Enterprises - v0 Vocoder


More than just a vocoder! The v0 as a modern, digital tool for spectral processing provides good service both as a vocoder or as a filterbank. The module is equipped with an envelope follower/envelope, a freeze input and also voltage control of base frequency, number of filter bands and bandwith. All that makes for a very dynamic spectral processor.



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With the optional Zoom expander module you can use all potentiometers (i.e. the parameter controls and the CV attenuators) of the Mungo modules with coarse, normal or very fine resolution. That is great for fine tuning frequencies or delay times. No matter how many Mungo modules you own, you need just one Zoom module.


analysis input, synthesis input, vocoder/filter output
hold input, envelope output
CV inputs: base frequency, filter width


3U Eurorack module, 12HP wide, 36mm deep (50mm with Zoom cable)
current draw: each 25mA @ ±12V and 125mA @ +5V

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