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The Jellyfish V2 module is a lovely delay for the Eurorack with a ver nice sound, infinite feedback, breakable feedback loop and an integrated LFO delay time modulation. Voltage control of three main parameters is possible as well and there's even a sync input (!). Well done!



The Jellyfish is based on the PT2399 chip we already know from Synthrotek's Echo module which sound we like a lot.
A red LED at the input warns you of high audio levels but will glow constantly at extreme feedback settings. The levels of original and effect signal have individuall potentiometers and the wet level can be voltage controlled.

The delay time ranges from 27-570ms is set with two controls, one for coarse and one for fine adjustments which is very handy when you try to match the delay perfectly to a beat. Of course there's voltage control of delay time. ATTENTION: when powering up the two time potentiometers mustn't be at minimum position, otherwise the chip won't work
Additional modulation of delay time comes from the integrated LFO with two wave forms, triangle and square, making it easy to create living and deep chorus sounds. DEPTH controls the modulation amount. The LFO's signal is available at a socket, not affected by the Depth control.

The feedback goes from one repetition to infinite which means you can make the delay oscillate, generate extreme effects or use the module as a sound generator.
Voltage control of feedback is possible, too.
The feedback loop can be broken using the send and return sockets in order to insert other effects: lowpass filter for dampening the echo, frequency shifter for repetitions with changed pitch or whatever you like ... or criss-cross the sends and returns of two Jellyfishes (to recreate the Xdelay function of the desktop Jellyfish).

Last but not least: the Jellyfish V2 module can be synchronised to a square wave or a clock via the Sync input. Thw wavelength of the clock has to within the delay time and the gate voltage has to be within the 0-5V range.


Audio input, audio output
feedback loop: send and return
LFO output, sync input
CV inputs for delay time, feedback and wet amount


3U Eurorack module, 17HP wide
current draw: 61mA @ +12V and 54mA @ -12V

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