1. Intellijel designs Planar
    Intellijel Designs - Planar

    jetzt 299,00 €

    statt 359,00 €

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  2. Mutable Instruments - Braids--9-
    Frequency Central - Waverider Mk2

    jetzt 235,00 €

    statt 235,00 €

    noch verfügbar Kaufen

  3. 4ms Modular Row angle connector 45°
    4ms Modular Row angle connector 45°

    jetzt 59,00 €

    statt 85,00 €

    noch verfügbar Kaufen

  4. Synthrotek - MST Low Pass Filter
    Synthrotek - MST Low Pass Filter

    jetzt 135,00 €

    statt 155,00 €

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  1. 2hp - Kick
    2hp - Div
    Div ist ein extrem schlanker Clock-Divider und Multiplier mit zwei unabhängig voneinander ...
  2. Radikal Technologies - Delta Cep A
    Radikal Technologies - Delta Cep A
    Delta Cep A ist eine extrem fett klingende, paraphon spielbare Synthesestimme mit semi-modulare...
  3. Intellijel - Quad VCA
    Intellijel Designs - Rubicon 2
    Intellijel hat den ohnehin schon grandiosen Thru-Zero-VCO Rubicon noch besser gemacht! Die zwei...
  4. 2hp - Kick
    2hp - Freez
    Freez erzeugt allerhand rhythmische Stott-tt-tt-ttereffekte bei variabler Bitrate. Man kann das...

StromKult Updates

  1. Mother Tongues – Modular/Synth music – live – all night long

    The many dialects from Noise to Techno. This Friday six live acts with a love for synthesizers will turn the Loophole in Neukölln into one of the most interesting electronic music experiences in Berlin this weekend. Mostly modular synths, mostly improvised performances – this night promises to be an intense adventure. Date: 23. February 2018, […]

  2. Feld at SUPERBOOTH17

    Feld were unusual, but very welcome guests at SUPERBOOTH17. Their energetic music is created in a three-part band with guitar, bass and drums. With his bass guitar, Konstatin lays the sonic foundation for the landscape of the obscure melodies created by Chrsitian with his guitar. In addition, Carlo adds a good portion of energy to […]

  3. Tyler Thompson for WMD @SUPERBOOTH17

    WMD did a very nice Gesprächskonzert with their wide range of products at SUPERBOOTH17. Tyler Thompson from WMD is performing a hardware techno session on a modular synthesizer with the new Arpitecht and Chimera modules by WMD. A perfect example of how to use a Gesprächskonzert for the presentation of products in their natural habitat. […]