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  1. Steady State Fate - GND Ctrl
    Steady State Fate - GND Ctrl

    jetzt 199,00 €

    statt 235,00 €

    noch verfügbar Kaufen

  2. Erica Synths - Fusion Drone System
    Erica Synths - Fusion Drone System

    jetzt 2.200,00 €

    statt 2.329,00 €

    noch verfügbar Kaufen

  3. AJH Synth - Sonic XV - SILVER
    AJH Synth - Sonic XV - SILBER

    jetzt 299,00 €

    statt 345,00 €

    noch verfügbar Kaufen

  4. 4ms Modular Row angle connector 30°
    4ms Modular Row angle connector 30°

    jetzt 15,00 €

    statt 85,00 €

    noch verfügbar Kaufen


  1. Erica Synths - Clap (Oyster White)
    Erica Synths - Clap (Oyster White)
    Limitierte Edition mit Frontplatte in Austernweiß! Das Clap-Modul ist, wie der Name schon sa...
  2. VERLEIHSYSTEM Schneidersladen Studio
    VERLEIHSYSTEM Schneidersladen Studio Edition
    Komplettes Modularsystem mit 19 Modulen verschiedener Hersteller von uns speziell für Stud...
  3. MFB - Loop ADSR
    MFB - Loop ADSR
    Die Loop ADSR von MFB ist eine außergewöhnlich knackige Hüllkurve mit variabler...
  4. Vermona modular VCDrive
    Animal Factory Amplification - Pit Viper Pedal
    Vollblut-Verzerrungen im Pedal-Format – Pit Viper ist ein Solid-State-Overdrive für ...

StromKult Updates

  1. Bernhard Rasinger – Audiovisual Laser Performance // September 27th @SchneidersLaden

    Bernhard Rasinger aka BR-Laser is famous for is incredible live laser-shows. He presented his work all around the globe and pays Berlin a visit on September 27th to play a show at SchneidersLaden. He uses a special system that combines a modular synthesizer and state-of-the-art laser technology to create a luminously hypnotic audiovisual experience. Don’t […]

  2. One more round on the carousel – MODULAR BEGINNER WORKSHOP

    Hello modular newbies! We’re holding another workshop for modular beginners in our beloved and once again rearranged SchneidersLaden. Our goal is that you can confidently make your own first patch afterwards and have a good time and also meet likeminded people! Although we are nerds we won’t get too technical.  Along the way we will […]


  3. TouellSkouarn concert and workshop // October 4th @SchneidersLaden

    On the 4th of October we have TouellSkouarn as our guest. The company that develops and manufactures eurorack modules was founded in 2010 by Gaël Loison, musician (Dale Cooper Quartet, Noroeste, Maman K‑üsters…) and graphic designer (Ultra Rapide Canari). He dedicated his brand to the design, manufacturing and sale of analog electronic musical instruments. The […]