1. Manhattan Analog - Manual Voltage Processor 1
    Manhattan Analog - MVP

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  2. Make Noise - Mysteron
    Make Noise Mysteron

    jetzt 275,00 €

    statt 329,00 €

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  3. Intellijel designs Mutamix--9-
    Intellijel Designs - Mutamix

    jetzt 249,00 €

    statt 295,00 €

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  4. 4ms Modular Row angle connector 45°
    4ms Modular Row angle connector 45°

    jetzt 25,00 €

    statt 85,00 €

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  1. Five12 - Vector
    Five12 - Vector
    Der Vector ist ein achtspuriger Sequenzer mit gigantischem Kreativpotential. Pattern umfassen I...
  2. Tiptop Audio - Time Fabric
    Tiptop Audio - Time Domain Bundle (Z-DSP card)
    Beim Time Domain Bundle dreht sich alles um abgefahrene Delay-Effekte. Das Paket setzt sich aus...
  3. Tiptop Audio - Time Fabric
    Tiptop Audio - BitROT (Z-DSP card)
    Die BitROT-Karte befähigt das Z-DSP-Modul, Klangverfremdungen von Ringmodulation bis Verze...
  4. OTO - BOUM
    OTO - BOUM
    Der BOUM ist ein analoger Stereoprozessor, bestehend aus einfach nutzbarem Kompressor, Multimod...

StromKult Updates

  1. Erica Synths new Techno System live performance @Schneidersladen

    On Thursday 28th of June at 6pm we will start an evening full of new experiences and opportunities to learn new things! We start at 6pm with an introduction to modular synthesis that is suitable for beginners and for all those who are curious about sound synthesis. Everyone is welcome to join us, no previous […]

  2. Deutschalndfunk radio about Elektronauten festival and Synth Carousel

    Elektronauten festival is over and many workshops have been held. The festival attracted numerous guests and the media. The organisers of the Elbphilharmonie have managed to bring together some of the big names on stage: Martyn Ware of The Human League, Adrian Utley of Portishead and Will Gregory of Goldfrapp for example. AND SchneidersLaden was […]

  3. Silent film score by Gebrüder Teichmann and Mathis Mayr – THE BLOOD OF A POET @SUPERBOOTH18

    The brothers Andi and Hannes Teichmann – Live-Electronic and Processing (NOLAND) and Mathis Mayr – Cello (Ensemble Mosaik) played a live film scoring for the silent film “The blood of a dead poet” at SUPERBOOTH18 – of cause with synthesizers. The avant-garde film is a production from the year 1930 and was directed by Jean […]