1. 4ms Modular Row angle connector 30°
    4ms Modular Row angle connector 30°

    jetzt 59,00 €

    statt 85,00 €

    noch verfügbar Kaufen

  2. Radikal Technologies - RT-1701 Effexx
    Radikal Technologies - RT-1701 EFFEXX

    jetzt 559,00 €

    statt 599,00 €

    noch verfügbar Kaufen

  3. Synthrotek - MST Low Pass Filter
    Synthrotek - MST Low Pass Filter

    jetzt 135,00 €

    statt 155,00 €

    noch verfügbar Kaufen

  4. 4ms SCM breakout DIY kit
    4ms SCM breakout DIY kit

    jetzt 99,00 €

    statt 129,00 €

    noch verfügbar Kaufen


  1. Schlappi Engineering - Interstellar Radio
    Schlappi Engineering - Interstellar Radio
    Endlich so richtig schlechter Empfang! Das Interstellar Radio bildet eine Rundfunk-Übertra...
  2. /
    Strymon - AA1 Level Shifter
    Mit dem AA1 kann man Gitarrensignale auf Modular-Pegel verstärken. – Perfekt, um ele...
  3. AJH Synth - Mega-Phase 12
    AJH Synth - Mega-Phase 12 - SILVER
    Mega-Phase 12 ist ein Stereo-Phaser mit griffigem Analogsound. Das Modul basiert auf dem Small ...
  4. WMD - Muscle
    WMD - PM: DB25
    Das PM DB25 macht WMDs Performance-Mixer zum zwölfkanaligen Analoginterface. – Perfe...

StromKult Updates

  1. Video: Wowa Cwejman @Schneidersladen with his new Cwejman MBC-3 Multiband-Compressor

    As promised, here is the video of the Cwejman Event at Schneidersladen. Wowa Cwejman brought his new Multi-Band-Compressor module with him – the MBC-3. This rare opportunity to meet one of euroracks masterminds has brought some light to the development and design process of the outstanding Cwejman modules. Wowa Cwejman is a self-taught engineer of perhaps […]

  2. Special Workshop – MARCH 22nd, 6PM @SchneidersLaden -> lets talk about SEQUENCERS!

    Hello modular newbies! March 22/6PM, we will give a Special Workshop in our once again expanded SchneidersLaden showroom. We are doing another workshop! Mark the date on your calendar and come by, learn something about the fascinating world of sequencing in eurorack. Three members of our Schneidersladen team present to you noteworthy or interesting sequencers for eurorack […]


  3. Frap Tools // Special Workshop // March 15th, 6PM @SchneidersLaden

    On Thursday 15th of March Simone from Frap Tools will be at Schneidersladen to talk about his current line of modules. He will be presenting his beautiful modules and talk about the ideas behind his most recent development – the Fumana. Frap Tools already created great eurorack cases, a line of expandable mixer modules, handy […]