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  1. Rossum Electro-Music - Control Forge
    Rossum Electro-Music - Morpheus

    jetzt 499,00 €

    statt 565,00 €

    noch verfügbar Kaufen

  2. Møffenzeef Mødular - GMØ
    Møffenzeef Mødular - GMØ

    jetzt 229,00 €

    statt 259,00 €

    noch verfügbar Kaufen

  3. Moog - DFAM
    Moog Theremini

    jetzt 289,00 €

    statt 375,00 €

    noch verfügbar Kaufen

  4. Analogue Systems RS 376 Polyphonic Harmonic Generator CV expander
    Analogue Systems RS-376 PHG expander

    jetzt 99,00 €

    statt 199,00 €

    noch verfügbar Kaufen


  1. Roland - 521 Dual VCF
    Livewire - FrequenSteiner
    Demnächst wieder verfügbar! Multimode-Filter mit schaltbarer Charakteristik von Lowp...
  2. LZX - Sensory Translator
    LZX - Sensory Translator
    Der Sensory Translator ist ein Audio-zu-Video-Konverter. Das Modul verfügt über einen Signale...
  3. Make Noise Phonogene (v.372)--9-
    Purrtronics - Resonant Quadruple Lo-Pass Gate
    Das RQLPG vereint vier Lo-Pass-Gates in einem Modul. Trotz des klassischen, auf Optokopplern ba...
  4. Cwejman PH-4
    Cwejman PH-4 grau
    Das PH-4 ist ein LFO-Modul mit vier, jeweils um 90° phasenverschobenen, Ausgängen. Im Gegensa...

StromKult Updates

  1. Modular Schaltzentrale – Atonal Festival with SchneidersLaden

    For the forth time SchneidersLaden will host the Modular Schaltzentrale at Atonal. Every night the invited artists will perform in this unique former control room of the Kraftwerk. Therefor SchneidersLaden puts together  several modular synthesizer of different size and shape – the concept is to explore new modular narratives with these special machines. The program […]


  2. Theremin Workshop with Carolina Eyck @SchneidersLaden

    Carolina Eyck is one of the most recognised Theremin players in Germany. She developed a special playing technique that leads to extraordinary results. In 2006, she published the first extensive theremin method book entitled “The Art of Playing the Theremin”, available in german and english. The 8-finger-technique described in this book and can be learned or […]

  3. One more round on the carousel – MODULAR BEGINNER WORKSHOP

    Hello modular newbies! We’re holding another workshop for modular beginners in our beloved and once again rearranged SchneidersLaden. Our goal is that you can confidently make your own first patch afterwards and have a good time and also meet likeminded people! Although we are nerds we won’t get too technical.  Along the way we will […]