Pittsburgh Modular - Foundation 2.0 road case


The Pittsburgh Modular Foundation is a (one- or two-voice) fully modular synthesizer with MIDI interface. It´s nice-looking with it´s compact portable case with black tolex cover.


In detail the Foundation comprises of following Eurorack modules:

  • "MIDI 2": duophonic MIDI/CV interface that converts MIDI notes into control voltages
  • 2x "Oscillator": sine, triangle, square with pulse width moduation and sawtooth
  • "LFO2": two LFOs in one module. Each with square and triangle wave forms. The upper LFO features wave shaping or pulse width modulation
  • "MOD": Ring modulator. three different modes of operation and level controls on X and Y inputs
  • "M3": a multiples (splitter) and two simple mixers in one module
  • "MIXER": four-channel-mixer for audio signals. 3 channels can be used as attenuators.
  • "FILTER" Multi mode filter with individual outputs for low pass, high pass, band pass and noth. Features a special oscillator mode.
  • 2x "ADSR": classic Attack-Decay-Sustain-Release envelope with switchable time ranges
  • "DUAL VCA": two VCAs in one module. Controls the amplitude of signals by the use of voltages.
  • "OUTS": converts from 3,5mm sockets to 6,35mm, with level controls. A stereo headphone outputs is there as well.

The modules can be re-arranged, swapped or replaced by other narrow profile Eurorack modules. 15 colorful Ad Infinitum patch cords are supplied: each five in 15cm, 30cm and 60cm length.


Lots of 3.5mm sockets ;) ... and an input for external 12V DC power supply (supplied. 1000mA are recommended)


Rugged wooden case with lid and black tolex finish. Dimensions when closed: 48,9cm x 15,9cm x 15,3cm

1 kg

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