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The Synthbox is a digital instrument with four voices. It features two wavetable oscillators with 100 data sets plus import function and a “normal oscillator” with four waveforms as well as noise. For processing signals, there are two multimode filters and a VCA. Furthermore, the module contains two ADSR envelopes, two LFOs and a sequencer per voice. Flanger, distortion and stereo delay effects can be used to give sounds the finishing touch. The Synthbox is controllable via MIDI or CV signals. In use, the module shines with soft and pleasant to cold and energetic sound. Its flexible modulation routing allows musicians to create very lively results.



The Synthbox uses 24-bit algorithms and converters to generate sound. Its synthesis system is four-voice polyphonic. MIDI data can be fed to the module via a 3.5 mm connector. In addition to notes, musicians are able to use velocity, aftertouch and modulation wheel data. Alternatively to the MIDI protocol, it is possible to utilize control voltages to play the Synthbox. In detail, pitch, gate and three modulation CV signals can be fed to the module. – Per voice, if desired. Routing MIDI or CV signals to parameters is done via small modulation matrix views. LFOs, envelopes and sequencers can be connected with parameters the same way. The outputs can be configured in two ways: Stereo mix or an individual output per voice. The module comes with 50 presets.

The synthesis system of the Synthbox contains the following components:

  • Two wavetable oscillators
    • 100 wavetables
    • Users can import wavetables as WAV files
  • One waveform oscillator
    • Sine, triangle, saw tooth, pulse with variable width, noise
  • Two filters with high-pass and low-pass modes, wired in series
  • Two ADSR envelopes
  • Two LFOs with nine waveforms
  • Modulation sequencer with up to 16 steps
  • Flanger
  • Distortion
  • Stereo delay

A micro-SD card is included.

The Synthbox can be transformed into a Bitbox or FXBox via a firmware update.


MIDI input
Clock input
Two audio inputs (Currently no function in Synthbox mode)
Pitch, gate and three modulation CV inputs per voice
Four outputs


3U Eurorack module, 26 HP wide, compatible with Skiff cases
Power consumption: 350 mA at +12 V

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