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The Toolbox features four rhythm sequencers, four polyphonic note sequencers and four function generators. The latter divide into three LFOs and a CV modulation sequence. Handling the module is easy as pie, thanks to several knobs and buttons plus a 3.5 inch touchscreen. Its multi-gesture support allows users to comfortably navigate through pattern, zoom in and out, et cetera. The Toolbox offers a multitude of CV inputs and outputs plus MIDI ports. Therefore, the module can not only be used to control modular gear, but other studio equipment as well.



The Toolbox is usable for composing rhythms and melodies as well as for generating modulation signals. Thanks to a wide range of CV, gate and MIDI ports, the module is a great addition to any setup. The Toolbox comes equipped with the following features:

Four gate sequencers

  • Up to 32 steps per track
  • Variable step length (1/64th to eight bars)
  • Rhythm patterns can trigger note sequencers

Four polyphonic note sequencers

  • Up to 32 steps per track
  • Variable step length (1/64th to eight bars)
  • Editable note duration for all events
  • Selectable MIDI port and channel
  • The following clock signals can be used: Internal, external, rhythm sequencer

Four function generators

  • Three LFOs with standard waveforms
  • 1 Bar CV sequencer


  • Input serves as source for recording sequences live or via step entry
  • Outputs transmit gate and control signals to other devices

CV inputs

  • Seve as clock sources for gate and note sequencers
  • Can be used as modulators for sequence step count, step length, transposition, et cetera

Firmware updates can be fed to the module via microSD card.


A micro-SD card is included.


MIDI input
Clock input
Two CV inputs
Four CV Mod inputs
Eight gate outputs
Eight CV outputs
Four MIDI outputs


3U Eurorack module, 26 HP wide, compatible with Skiff cases
Power consumption: 350 mA at +12 V

0.25 kg
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