1979 - Stereo Microsound Processor (SMP)


Modified Clouds clone in 4U Buchla format by 1979


Nineteen Seventy Nine is a relatively young manufacturer from the USA. Their product range focuses on modules in Buchla format. Most of them are more or less modified versions of Mutabe Intsruments classics like: Braids, Clouds, Rings, Elements. But also own creations like CV-controlled mixers for the Buchla format are part of the assortment.

SMP or Stereo Microsound Processor is a slightly modified version of the Clouds granular synthesis module by Emily Gillet (Mutable Instruments). The extension of the range of functions is identical to the extensions from Clouds to Grayscale Supercell: For all parameters, separate potentiometers and CV inputs are available, which, in contrast to the classic Clouds Panel, allows a multitude of modulations to be performed simultaneously. Apart from that the functionality is identical to the Mutable Intsruments Clouds. Details about how the Clouds module works can be found on the following page: https://www.schneidersladen.de/de/mutable-instruments-clouds.html

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