2hp - Delay


Digital, voltage controllable delay module. The time parameter can be set to values ranging from a few milliseconds to almost two seconds. Especially metallic sound colorations, created by very short delay times, have conquered our hearts.



The 2hp Delay is a full featured delay audio processor.

It provides delay times from milliseconds to nearly two seconds, controlled thanks to the Time potentiometer and its dedicated CV input.

The FDBK knob determines the amount of feedback, ranging from slapback to infinity. Additionally, this parameter can be controlled via CV.

The Mix potentiometer adjusts the balance between the delay and the original signal. This parameter can also be voltage controlled.

Audio input, audio output
Time CV input
Feedback CV input
Mix CV input
3U Eurorack module, 2 HP wide, 42 mm in depth
Power consumption: 72 mA at +12 V and 28 mA at -12 V
0.1 kg
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