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This module from 2hp named after the Greek mathematician Euclid, is a rhythmic pattern generator. The Euclidean algorithm can be adapted to create rhythms by taking the total number of active steps in a sequence, and then distributing them across the entirety of the pattern. This creates cyclical rhythms that are immediately musical and can be used for everything from EDM to IDM.



With Euclid, 2hp presents a very interesting pattern generator based on Euclid‘s mathematical theories. This algorithm, which comes down to us from Euclid‘s „Elements“, computes the greatest common divisor of two given integers. The structure of the Euclidean algorithm may be used to generate, very efficiently, a large family of rhythms. These have the property that their onset patterns are distributed as evenly as possible.

The module needs a trigger (at the trig. input) to run. With every new trigger it goes to the next step. When a trigger is sent to the reset input, the pattern is restarted from step 1. With the length-knob you can set the length of the pattern between 1 and 16 steps.This parameter can be influenced via CV; so for example it is possible to control the pattern length with an LFO to let the rhythm become alive. The steps-potentiometer lets you dial in how many active steps will be distributed accross the euclidian pattern. When fully left, there will be only one active step, and when fully right, the entire pattern will be filled. Offset controls the offset of initial step of the pattern and lets you shift the entire rhythm in time.

Trigger input
Reset input
Sequence length CV input
Step CV input
3U Eurorack module, 2HP wide, skiff friendly
current draw: 30mA at +12V and 3mA at -12V
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