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2hp Freez is a voltage-controlled locked looper. This module produces all kinds of rhythmic stutt-tt-tt-ter effects in a very small space. The audio signal can be crushed and mutilated beyond recognition. After freezing, resizing changes the pitch and timbre of the frozen audio signal. Changing the sampling rate distorts and decimates the incoming sound. From beat repeat to granular audio buffer, Freez generates new sounds and textures from any input signal. - Especially for breakbeat tracks and mashups a great idea.



2hp Freez creates a stutter effect with the incoming signal when the button is pressed.

This works in two different modes which can be selected by the toggle switch: momentary or latch. In the momentary mode it freezes the signal only as long as you remain pressed on the button and in the latch mode it freezes the signal until you press it again. A trigger signal at the trig-input can also be used to activate the effect instead of doing it manually. This input reacts to rising edges. When the signal is frozen, the LED lights green.

With the size potentiometer you will be able to change the length of the buffer in which the sound is recorded. This parameter can also be influenced via CV. If the knob is completely clockwise the buffer will have a duration of 9 milliseconds, if it is completely counter-clockwise the buffer will reach the maximum length of 3 seconds. This also depends on the sample rate setting.

S. Rate controls the sample rate in a range going from 2.36 kHz to 96 kHz. This parameter can also be automated via CV. If a low sampling rate is set, the module works as a bit crusher (sample rate reduction).

Size: sets the length of the audio buffer (9 milliseconds to 3 seconds)
S.Rate: controls the frequency of the sampling rate (2.36 kHz to 96 kHz)
3U Eurorack module, 2HP wide, skiff friendly
current draw: 95mA at +12V and 27mA at -12V
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