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With the 2hp Hat, you can add a flexible synthesis engine to your modular system. It consists of six oscillators, a noise generator and a series of filters. In addition to classic hi-hats, all kinds of strange to wild results can be achieved. The repertoire ranges from metallic to mechanical. Thanks to separate trigger inputs for open and closed hi-hat, you can create an entire drum pattern with this just module alone. Hat will add shimmering and metallic timbres to any groove.



2hp Hat introduces fresh hi-hat sounds to the Eurorack world. Based on a complex sound engine consisting of six oscillators, a noise generator and a series of filters, this module offers a wide sound spectrum. Hat comes equipped with two trigger inputs, thus it is possible to play closed and open hi-hats alternatingly. Using three parameters, in detail Decay, Sizzle and Blend, you can create a wide range of metallic percussion sounds, from classic hi-hats to rather unusual sounds.

  •  Decay simultaneously controls the length of the open and closed hi-hat.
  • Sizzle influences all sound generators independently. The parameter adjusts the various oscillator and filter frequencies, meaning the texture of the sound is changed in a complex way. The result is an extremely wide range of percussive sounds.
  • Blend controls the mixture of metallic and more robotic drum parts. In the middle position, the module creates hi-hats reminiscent of the legendary TR series.

Two trigger inputs for playing closed and open hi-hats
Audio output
Decay and Sizzle CV inputs


3U Eurorack module, 2 HP wide

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