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Kick is the world’s smallest bass drum module. Despite its compact size, the circuit offers a wide range of sounds. From classic to modern bass drums, anything is possible. Toms are another specialty. Kick can be played tonally over a range of five octaves. – Perfect for keeping neighbors up at night.



The 2hp Kick can generate sounds reminiscent of bass drums and toms. It can be tuned via a Pitch potentiometer. Thanks to a 1v / octave input, it is even possible to play the module tonally over a range of five octaves. Using the decay potentiometer, you can vary the sound of the 2hp Kick from short and crisp to long-lasting. The parameter can be influenced via a control voltage as well. This means that it is possible to stretch drum-hits in need of accentuation using, for instance, a modulation sequencer or a LFO. The Tone parameter changes the timbre of sounds from dark to bright. This parameter can be modulated via a CV input as well. With applying a synchronized LFO to this connector, you can create timbre variations which match the beat. Additionally, this CV input is ideal for the pressure sensitivity of a drum pad.

The Kick module offers the following parameters:

  • Tone influences the frequency spectrum of sounds.
  • Decay controls the length of sounds generated by the module.
  • Pitch determined the tuning of the Kick.

Trigger input
1v / octave input
Tone and Decay CV inputs
Audio output


3U Eurorack module, 2 HP wide

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