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Do you like gentle or aggressive, 909-style snare drums? - With the 2hp Snare, both is possible. Despite its compact format and relatively few controls, the module offers a wide range of drum sounds. Thanks to the 1v / octave input, it is possible to play the module tonally. Thus, you can generate percussive melodies. – This module invites you to experiment and create lively grooves!



The sound repertoire of the 2hp Snare ranges from classical TR-style drums to modern, almost esoteric sounds. Its pitch can be influenced via a potentiometer and a control voltage input. The latter is scaled to 1 volt per octave.

Using the snap knob, you can not only determine the character of the attack phase, but also add noise to the signal. This way, it is possible to imitate the rattle of a snare. The results seem almost realistic. The module generates powerful sound, yet it always sits perfectly in the mix.
The length of the decay phase can be determined using the decay potentiometer. This parameter is voltage controllable as well to guarantee dynamic results. Alternatively to a sequencer or MIDI CV interface, the module can also be played using pressure-sensitive drum pads. The velocity voltage is usable for affecting the snap and / or decay parameter to obtain dynamic results. - Live performers will be delighted!

The 2hp Snare features the following parameters:
Snap controls the attack and intensity of the noise that mimics the snare.
Decay determines the length of the sounds generated by the module.
Pitch influences the tuning of the snare (with 1v / octave tracking).


Trigger input
1v / octave input
CV inputs for snap and decay parameters
Audio output


3U Eurorack module, 2 HP wide

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