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TM stands for Turing Machine, a probabilistic random sequence generator based on the research of Alan Turing. In a similar way, the 2hp TM chooses random values for steps in a sequence based on the user's probability settings. That way it is very easy to come up with new sequences and musical ideas, without the hassle of programming a complex sequencer step after step. By manipulating probability and sequence length, the module can generate an infinite number of sequences. Whether you're looking for a controlled random source, or an evolving melody generator, TM has you covered.



2Hp TM is a probabilistic random sequencer based on the Turing Machine elaborated by Alan Turing. A random voltage will be sent out from OUT when a trigger or gate signal is received by the trigger input (Trig.).

The random sequence is defined by 2 potentiometers : Prob. and Steps.

If the probability control (Prob.) is completely counter-clockwise, the probability is set to 100% and a new value is set randomly for each subsequent step. If the knob is turned fully clockwise, the probability is set to 0% and the sequence is locked to its last random voltage value. This parameter can also be influenced via the CV input.

If the Step knob is far left, the sequence will only include 1 step. If the knob is far right, the sequence will include 32 steps. This parameter can also be controlled via CV.

There is an amplitude control knob called Amp, which will change the output from fully attenuated (0 Volt) to full scale (5 Volt). It can also be affected by a control voltage.

Prob: controls the probability
Steps: defines how many steps the sequence includes
Amp: limits the range of the random values
3U Eurorack module, 2HP wide, skiff friendly
current draw: 23mA at +12V and 7mA at -12V
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