2hp - Verb


 Do not judge this module by its size! With Time and Damp the 2HP Verb allows you to quickly dial in a broad palette of sounds ranging from claustrophobic cellars to huge halls. And with Mix being CV-controllable, you can softly fade in or cut hard in and out the reverb tail. The smallest reverb in Eurorack is quite a big sounding surprise - in stereo.



2hp Verb is a lush sounding stereo reverb with smallest possible footprint.

It features two inputs und two outputs, enabling independent processing of both sides of a stereo signal. If a mono source is plugged in the left input (In L), it will be normalised to the right side, making the output stereophonic.

Reverb time ranges from very small rooms to huge spaces. This is set by the Time knob.

The Damp knob will act on the reflection of the higher frequencies. By turning the knob to the left, dampening is applied and the reverb will have a darker tone. If you turn it to the right, the sound will become brighter.

The balance between the dry and wet signal is adjusted by the Mix potentiometer, which can be voltage controlled.

Stereo audio input
Stereo audio output
Mix CV input
3U Eurorack module, 2HP wide, skiff friendly
current draw: 81mA at +12V and 28mA at -12V
0.1 kg
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