4ms Dual Looping Delay


Tap Tempo and a Ping input for synchronising delays - this is a feature we really missed so often - until now! Funny stuff like rhythmical delays and loops with different time signatures are done easily with this dual digital, voltage controllable delay module :) The "looping delay" technology used herein features very long storage times up to 88 seconds per channel at 48kHz/16Bit for which reason the module is not only suitable for echos and delays but also as a looper. Per channel there are voltage controllable parameters, a Hold mode for infinite repeats and also feedback up to 110% with a open loop.



The module contains two individual delay/loop channels which are synchronized to a common timing information in the Ping section. It is either tapped in or injected in form of a clock signal, building the base for one "bar"
This ping information can be multiplied or divided with the Time parameter which affects the according channel's delay time and which can be altered in three different ways: The control sets a divisor (one to 16), the time switch alters the potentiometer's resolution form one eigth note up to 32 bars and finally the time can be voltage controlled as well.

When the delay is driven with a very fast clock i.e. when delay time is ultra-short, easily Karpluss-Strong sounds can be achieved at higher feedback settings. Try clocks in audio rate!

Speaking of feedback: Spinal Tap's amplifiers went up to eleven - the DLD's digital feedback goes up to 110% but that's no joke in this case! The amount of feedback can be voltage controlled; using the Send and Return sockets the feedback loop can be opened for processing the feedback signal externally prior to injecting it back into the input.

A third voltage controllable parameter is the recording level, here labeled as Delay Feed.

Other features:
∞ Hold Mode: By pressing the button or with a trigger at the Hold input, the signal which is momentarily in the DLD's momory will be looped infinitely. Using the feedback control you can read out only a part of the memory, a so-called window.
Just like the Hold also the Reverse function is activated by a button or a trigger. It will playback the signal in memory backwards.


ping input, clock output

per delay:
input, output, send output, return input
CV inputs for delay time, feedback and level (delay feed)
trigger inputs for Infinite Hold and Reverse
loop clock output


3U Eurorack module, 20HP wide

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