4ms Pod 48X (powered)


You want to start small? – Using a 4ms Pod, it is possible to transform Eurorack modules into desktop synthesizers, standalone effects processors or utility boxes. The mini cases are made out of metal. Therefore, they are quite sturdy. The version offered here is 48 HP wide and offers more mounting depth than other Pods. A power supply is built-in. Several Pods can be daisy-chained and fed via a single power supply.



The 4ms Pod 48X offers the following core features:

  • Enclosure for Eurorack modules with built-in power supply
  • Metal case with rubber feet
  • 48 HP for modules
  • M3 threaded mounting holes
  • Two connectors for modules (Additional circuits can be connected via adapter cables.)
  • Maximum module depth: 51mm
  • Several Pods can be daisy-chained and fed via a single power supply

The built-in power supply has the following specifications:

  • +12 V max 1400 mA
  • -12 V max 560 mA
  • +5 V max 400 mA

A Power Brick is not included in delivery.


Barrel connector for Power Brick

248 * 160 *53mm
48 HP for modules, Depth: 51mm
0.5 kg
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