4ms Quad Clock Distributor


Four voltage controlled clock dividers/multipliers. The clock can be external or it can be tapped with the TapTempo button what makes the module great as a master clock generator. Complex rhythmic patterns are easily achieved by patching multiple channels into each other's Div/Mult CV and Reset sockets.



The module consists of a Tap-tempo generator and four identical color-coded untis that are able of dividing or muliplying the rate of an incoming clock. The divisors and multiplier factors range from 1/32 over 1 to x16 and are voltge controlled. The clock inputs are normalized downwards Tap Out -> Red -> Black -> Blue -> Green. The Tap-tempo generator can run independent even when all channels are fed by external clocks. The channels' clock outputs stop when the input clock stops. A trigger at the reset socket restarts the according channel and alters the phase of clock.

Hint: cascading sevarel channels allows you for higher multiplication and division.

Header on the PCB to connect to Quad Pingable LFO (QPLFO) to provide four CV Skew-able, CV Div/Mult-able envelopes Interfaces with QCD Expander for more features (Pulse Width, Inverted Gate, attenuverters for CV inputs)


Tap clock output
per channel: clock input, CV input for Div/Mult, Reset input, clock output.


3U Eurorack module, 10 HP wide, 30 mm in depth.
Current draw when using external +5V: 48mA@+12V, 41mA @+5V, 40mA @-12V
Current draw when +5V are generated by the module: 88mA@+12V, 40mA @-12V

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