4ms Quad Pingable LFO


The Quad Pingable LFO is a module with four independent LFOs allowing for tempo synchronisation to external signals. Each LFO has a reset, adjustable wave shapes, a mute button and a tap-tempo button.
It´s compact form factor makes the QPLFO perfect for systems that need plenty of modulation sources.



The QPLFO consists of four independent LFOs. Channels can easily modulate, trigger, and reset each other for complex and slowly morphing outputs. The slowest cycles are ca. 71 minutes lons (0.0002Hz) and the maximal frequency is around 500Hz. due to the use of comparators the Ping and reset inputs accept any signal. The mute buttons allow for muting the LFOs.
A signal at the reset input will re-set the LFO back to the beginning of it´s cycle without altering the tempo.

The frequency of each input is determined by the time between impulses, the so-called pings that can either be appiled to the ping input or generated manually with the tap tempo buttons, If the external clock stops the LFO will stop as well, but the tap tempo mode will continue.

The waveform can be variably blended with the Skew contol or a CV between 0-10V. For instance at 0% (0V) it´s a short exponential impulse, at 1% (1V) a falling sawtooth, at 50% (5V) a triangle and at 100% (10V) a rising sawtooth.

Jumpers can set a number of fuctions:

  • "Fire-on-unmute" jumper per channel: When this optional jumper is installed, pressing the On button to turn the channel on will reset the LFO. If the jumper is not installed (factory default), pressing On will unmute the LFO without resetting (LFO runs in the background when muted)
  • Voltage range can be set either to 0-10V or to -5V to +5V
  • One-shot mode: Reset jack can be used to trigger a one-shot envelope if the external ping clock is stopped.
  • Floating Reset mode: Holding a high gate on Reset jack allows the waveshape to run freely without automatically re-syncing to the ping clock. A bare cable plugged into the jack causes a high gate

Connects to other modules using ribbon cables: Outputs can connect to the 4ms VCA Matrix, or the 4ms SSM, or the Toppobrillo Mixiplexer. Normalization of ping jacks can connect to the 4ms Quad Clock Distributor


Per channel: Ping input, LFO output, Skew CV input, Reset input


3U Eurorack module, 12 HP wide, 30 mm in depth

Current draw: A jumper selects using +5V from the power supply, or generating +5V on-board from the +12V rail.

  • +12V rail:  89mA max with jumper selecting external 5V /  154mA max with jumper selecting internal 5V.
  • +5V rail:  65mA max with jumper selecting external 5V
  • -12V rail: 73mA max
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