4ms ROW POWER 40 (black)


The clean and regulated power solution Row Power 40 offers 40W of power, 1.5A@+12V, 1.25A@-12V. It is a good choice for medium systems (e.g. two row each with 104HP width).

The Row Power 40 contains only the module; an external power supply and a power distribution have to be bought separately!



The RowPower40 can be powered with any laptop-style external power supply with a 2.1mm barrel plug, providing an output voltage of 15-20V DC, minimum 40W of power. The power supply is not included!
At the front panel we find two identical 2.1mm barrel sockets: the power supply is connected to one of them, the other one can pass the voltage to another RowPower module by using an separately available "barrel power jumper cable". Both sockets' functions are interchangeable so it doesn't matter which is used as input.

On the back there are two 16-prong pin headers where you connect maximum two passive power distributions (available separately). flexible bus board from 4ms can be connected directly, rigid bus boards have to be connected with a 16-pin flat ribbon cable.

Maximum current provided by the RowPower 40: 1.5A @ +12V, 1.25A @ -12V and 1.5A @ +5V. All voltages are displayed with LEDs. An on/off switch is available.

Not supplied with the Row Power: the external power supply, the "jumper cable" or the bus boards. Those have to be purchased separately!


ROW POWER is a clean, regulated and protected power supply solution for Eurorack systems. It is modular by itself and gives you the possibility to freely configure your power system:
On one hand there are 30W and 40W strong power modules for small or medium systems.
Then you need to connect a 15-20V DC laptop-style external power supply of your choice.
On the back of the module you connect a power distribution solution, be it a flexible "flying bus board" or a solid bus board.


Two sockets (2.1mm barrel plug, center positive) for external 15-20V DC power supply. It doesn't matter which socket is used as the power input or as the thru.
at the back: two 16-pin headers for connecting bus boards etc.


Power solution with a 3U Eurorack faceplate, 4HP wide, 28mm deep

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