4ms Spectral Multiband Resonator


Extremely versatile resonant filter with six bandpass filters/resonators which have a variable frequency and can even be tuned to scales!! These can be modulated ... and all of a sudden the SMR starts to live, to hover, to move chord structures.
All that with an incredibly fluid, beautiful, organic, deep sound ... and even in sync to the beat!

Besides of this you can use it as a tunable 6-band EQ, for pinging/plucking/striking and thus for creating percussive sounds or to quantize audio to certain scales. With two SMRs you can create a vocoder.

In our eyes and ears this was the highlight of both 2015's NAMM and Musikmesse!



The SMR differs from other resonators in the fact that each frequency band has to be treated like a note in a scale and that the six bands form a chord. You can select from 11 different scales.
SPREAD determines the interval betweeen the notes. Turn the ROTATE control and move the notes around the scale. The rotation can happen voltage controlled and you can also rotate forwards or backwards via individual trigger inputs. MORPH allows for smooth transitions between the notes which means the chords fade smoothly which sounds really fantastic.
LOCK bottons and inputs for each band freeze the according frequency (and Q if desired).

The resonance can be set globally for all channels. When the SMR at high Q settings is fed with triggers or clocks, the module can be struck like a gong and percussive-bellish sound are generated, chords and pads which are very "spheric" when used with the Morph parameter.

Functions for odd and even bands: LOCK freezes frequency and resonance, FREQ NUDGE will slightly detune the bakds. Both functions are voltage controllable.
There are 1V/oct inputs for tracking the odd/even filter bands.
Instead all odd bands you can alternatively control only band 1 or only band 6 instead of all even bands.

Each band has a Level CV input with global activatable Slew as well as an envelope follower output. If you combine two SMRs via there in- and outputs you can create a vocoder. The slew value is proportional to the Morph setting.

The Spectral Multiband Resonator has six memory banksd.
There are hidden functions which allow for adjusting the module even more.


3U Eurorack module, 26HP wide, 24mm deep

power consumption:
+12V rail: 86mA maximum (110mA max when jumper set to +12V) -12V rail: 28mA maximum
+5V rail: 25mA maximum (0mA [not used], when jumper set to +12V)

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