Abstract Data ADE-10 Reactive Shaper


Abstract Data´s first Eurorack module is the ADE-10 Reactive Shaper, a multifunctional module for processing audio and control signals by the help of three different circuits: wave shaping, wave folding and feedback.



The Reactive Shaper can process audio signals and control voltages and consists of three different stages which are set in series. Each section has an individual control and an attenuated CV input. All inputs are DC-coupled i.e. they accept slow CVs.

Stage 1 is a subtle wave shaper producing sounds between PWM and phasing. Nice for adding that PWM touch to waves which can´t be pulse modulated.

Stage 2 is more aggressive as it contains a wave folder which will clip the signal and fold back the clipped part back into the signal. this will "square up" your signal and add harmonics.

Stage 3 is a feedback circuit which will add more and more of output signal to it´s input the more you turn up the level.

As the three stages are set in series stage 1 will affect the behaviour of stage 2 etc.  You can  use a combination of the stages or use each separately. The ADE-10 works bst with symmetrical non-square signals like sine wave, triangle or sawtooth/ramp.

In addition the module has potentiometers for controlling input and output levels witth a gain or attenuation of 50dB.


1 signal input, DC-coupled, maximal input level +/-10V

3 CV inputs, DC-coupled, max. input level +/-10V

2 signal outputs:

  • 1x DC- full-wave, will pass the entire signal i.e it´s is bipolar
  • 1x DC half-wave, will let through only the positive part of the signal

3U Eurorack module, 10 HP wide, 35mm deep. Average curent draw 80mA

Module is protected against and powering upside down and over-voltage

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