Abstract Data ADE-20 Multi-Mode VCF


Multimode filter with a 12dB/octave slope and a discrete layout for a very nice vintage sound. An allpass output and a feedback are special features giving the filter it´s own flavor.



Unlike many modern filter modules that use chips both poles of the ADE-20 are built with discrete OTA amplifiers, resulting in a warm vintage sound. The filter types are available at separate outputs; low-pass, high-pass and band-pass are self-evident but instead of a notch output you´ll find a all-pass output, a filter type you won´t find often. It is interesting for creating subtle phase shifting sounds and gets interesting when you mix it with other filter types.

Besides that the ADE-20 features a feedback insert input you can use as a second adjustable audio input but in first line it is intended to patch a filter output back to the input what will create new filter types and will influence the behavior of the filter. At higher resonance setting this effect can be very lovely :)

Voltages will not only control the cutoff frequency but also the resonance parameter. The latter will self-oscillate at high settings. Except the cutoff´s 1V/octave input all inputs have level controls. the circuitry is protected against reversed polarity.


Audio: Signal input, Feedback input. Filter outputs for low pass, high pass, band pass and allpass

CV inputs: 2x for Cutoff frequency (one with attenuator, one with fixed 1V/octave); 1x for resonance

Besides the 1V/octave input all CV and audio inputs have attenuators.


3U Eurorack module, 10HP wide. Low-profile due to parallel mounting of PCBs.

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