Abstract Data - ADE-30 Wave Boss


This module contains four independent, voltage controlled processors for waveforms und CVs with eight functions in total like VCA, attenuator, offset, clipping and a non-adjustable rectifier with two outputs.



All inputs and outputs are DC-coupled i.e. you can use the module to process audio, LFOs, gate signals etc. LEDs show positive and negative signals. All functions except stage 4 can be set manually and voltage controlled.

Stage 1 works as an attenuator, attenuverter or a VCA. It has voltage and manual control, up to 100% attenuation and up to 2x gain. non-inverting and inverting output.

Stage 2 generates an offset voltage (or: bias) and can be used as a fixed voltage generator or attenautor. Fixed voltage in the range of +/-10 Volt, full attenauaton possible

Stage 3 is a bipolar voltage controlled clipper that will cut off the signals peaks. Use it for distorting signals or for attenuation.

Stage 4 is a voltage controlled half-wave rectifier that will remove the negative part of the signal. It has no controls but two outputs for non-inverting and inverting rectification.


Stages 1-3: signal input, CV input, signal output

Stage 4: signal input. Outputs for positive-going, non-inverted, half-wave rectification and negative-going, inverted, half-wave rectification.


3U Eurorack module, 10HP wide, 22mm deep
Average current draw: 85mA

1 kg
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