Abstract Data - ADE-31 Logic Boss


Not in production anymore.

Logic module with two stages, a six-part user-configurable (via front panel buttons), cascaded Logic tree giving up to 4 x NAND, 2x NOR & 1x XOR - and the inverted versions of each of those (AND/OR/XNOR). That's up to a 4x Input, 12x Output Gate, Logic and rhytmic pattern generating analog mega-machine!



Multi-stage, switchable logic and pattern-generation module combining utility and performance-oriented features. Up to 4 inputs and 12 simultaneous outputs in a unique cascading architecture with CV switching and linking between the 2 stages. Perform basic logic utility tasks, create complex patterns and create rhythmic variations via on-board or external CV control. LED status on all inputs and outputs for clear status indication.

Logic Types for stage 1: NOR/OR, NAND/AND. Logic Types for stage 2: NOR/OR, NAND/AND, XNOR/XOR


4 inputs
outputs unit A: NOR 1, NAND 1, NAND 2, OR 1, OR 1, AND 1, AND 2
outputs unit B: NOR 1, NAND 1, NAND 2/XNOR, OR 1, OR 1, AND 1, AND 2/XOR


3U Eurorack module, 10HP wide, 20mm deep. Current draw 61mA average

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