Abstract Data - ADE-33 Event Boss


By feeding the ADE-33 Event Boss with trigger or gate sequences, it is possible to generate all kinds of variations and interpretations. Alternatively, the Event Boss can be used for clock multiplication / division, phase shifting, probability and logic calculations or as a random generator.



The Event Boss can use clock, gate and trigger signals as well as LFO pulse waves with variable width to do his work. The module features five inputs, their functionality changes depending on the algorithm selected. In total, there are 36 modes of operation, divided into six categories:

  • Variables: Rhythmic patterns and circadian-style rhythms
  • Multiples: Clock multiplication and division by factors from 1-12
  • Probability: Pseudo-random, probability and chance-based variations
  • Logic: Classic logic-based functionality
  • Phase: Phase shifting, time-based delays and swing-style effects
  • Gates: Trigger and Gate-based manipulation and generation

The manual provides detailed information on the modes of operation. (You'll find the link below.)


Five inputs


3U Eurorack module, 14HP wide, 28 mm in depth
power consumption: 53 mA at +12 V and 53 mA at -12 V

0.059 kg
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