Acid Rain Technology - Chainsaw


Chainsaw from Acid Rain Technology is a powerful digital stereo oscillator which provides three voices with individual pitch control. It brings polyphony to your rack in a very compact module. A clever system allows fine tuning in semitones or one cent steps. Each voice features seven simultaneous waves, inspired by the super-saw know from the Roland JP8000. All waves can be morphed from super saw to super square allowing to create cutting leads or wide hollow basslines.



Acid Rain Technology Chainsaw is a three-voice oscillator with stereo output.

Each voice feature an individual 1v/oct input.

The root frequency of all three voices is controlled simultaneously by the encoder on top of the module.  It provides two alternative scalings by pressing the encoder:

  •  Note: increments of 1 semitone
  • Alt: increments of 1 cent

A long press (two seconds) on the encoder will return the root frequency to C1 (32,7Hz)

By inserting a patch cable to the 1v/oct inputs you activate each voice individually, for a total of 21 waves (seven per voice).  

The Detune knob allows to spread the pitch of the waves of each voice. Turned counterclockwise the waves are in perfect unison. Turning the knob clockwise shifts them apart in pitch along a unique curve. Thanks to a dedicated CV input the detuning is voltage controllable.   

The waveforms can be morphed from sawtooth to square thanks to the third potentiometer or via control voltage.

Additionnally the module features a linear frequency modulation input.

Finally, the seven waveforms on all three voices within Chainsaw are spread evenly between left and right output for a rich stereo image.

Three 1v/oct. Inputs
CV inputs: Detune, FM, Waveform
Stereo output
3U Eurorack module, 4 HP wide, 35mm in depth
Power consumption: 110 mA at +12 V and 10 mA at -12 V
0.15 kg
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