Acid Rain Technology - Navigator


Acid Rain Technology Navigator is a compact, versatile voltage processor designed to enable playable control of CV sources in your rack. The combination of normalized voltages and mixing allows you to attenuate, polarize and shift signals to modulate parameters precisely within the sweet spot.



The attenuverter input at the top left of the module is normalled to 5V when no cable is inserted, and the signal appears at output on the top right of the Navigator. The center knob controls the amount of positive or negative scaling of this signal, as indicated by the lines on the frontpanel.

The attenuator input on the left is also normalled to 5V when no cable is inserted, and the fader controls the attenuation of this signal. The signal appears at the output on the bottom right and if no cable is inserted, its signal is mixed at unity gain with the signal at the top output.

Attenuverter input
Attenuator input
Two outputs
3U Eurorack module, 4 HP wide, 25mm in depth
Power consumption: 11 mA at +12 V and 8 mA at -12 V
0.2 kg
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