Acidlab - 8LMHT Tom/Conga


Out of production.

The same rare germanium diodes like these in the TR-808 are used in this module which simultaneosuly offers the TR-808's low, mid and high Tom drum sounds. Of course each instrument can be triggered individually and gives the possibility to select between the Tom and the Conga sound.



Each voice features a tune control and a level potentiometer. Dynamics are a big asset of this module as each has not only a level-sensitive trigger input but also a volume CV input. Each drum can be used as a a Tom or a Conga, like the original.
Besides the three drum sounds the module provides pink noise at an separate socket.


per drum voice: sensitive trigger input, volume CV input, output

pink noise output


3U Eurorack module, 20HP wide, 28mm deep
Current draw: 60mA@+12V and 20mA@-12V

0.3 kg
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