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Autobot is the monophonic sequencer from the Bassline 3 in Eurorack format enhanced with some additional trigger outputs.



The sequencer allows for classic 303-style sequencing with slide and accent parameters that can be set for each set note but it is much more friendly to use and has six different operational modes. The sequences can be saved in 12 banks with each 8 patterns. In Pattern-Play mode you can chain adjacent patterns from one bank. By copy and past copying paterns is easy, also copying into other banks.

Other features allow you to edit accents and slides in real time while the sequencer is running; you have different pattern lengths, two types of shuffle with 4 setting each, different clock dividers (in 4/4bar mode only). The roll function makes it possible to shift the start point of the sequence which is very handy when the perfect bass line just doesn´t fit to the rhythm: just shift the sequence instead of re-programming it.

In the Track Modes you can chain all patterns from one bank, in their original and transposed versions, to songs.

CV- and Gate sockets output the sequences as control voltages, The accent output gives you a 12V gate.


MIDI input, DIN Sync input/output (selectable)
outputs for CV, Gate and Accent
Trigger outputs for Step 1, Step 16 and Start/Stop


3U Eurorack module, 50HP wide.
current draw: 80mA at +12V and 20mA at -12V

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