Acidlab - Bassline 3 (black)


Acidlab´s Bassline 3 is a very close clone of the Roland TB-303 and has been complimented on it´s authentic sound and behaviour. Luckily the original sequencer is not implemented but one that is easy to use and that can be played live!



The analog synth part is very close to the original and is well-known for its punchy thick, very characteristic sound.

The oscillator has square and sawtooth waves and it´s frequency can be set with the tune control. The legendary lowpass filter has a cutoff and resonance control and in addition you can modulate the cutoff frequency with the decay envelope generator that´s decay time and amount of modulation can be controlled. The accent potentiometer determines the amount of accent.

The sequencer allows for classic 303-style sequencing with slide and accent parameters that can be set for each set note but it is much more friendly to use and has six different operational modes. The sequences can be saved in 12 banks with each 8 patterns. In Pattern-Play mode you can chain adjacent patterns from one bank. By copy and past copying paterns is easy, also copying into other banks.

Other features allow you to edit accents and slides in real time while the sequencer is running; you have different pattern lengths, two types of shuffle with 4 setting each, different clock dividers (in 4/4bar mode only). The roll function makes it possible to shift the start point of the sequence which is very handy when the perfect bass line just doesn´t fit to the rhythm: just shift the sequence instead of re-programming it.

In the Track Modes you can chain all patterns from one bank, in their original and transposed versions, to songs.

The Bassline 3 can be synchronized either to MIDI Clock or to DIN-Sync. A third position of the sync switch makes it possible to use the instrument as a master for synching other gear via DIN-Sync. You can play the Bassline3 with MIDI notes as well and also the accent (above a velocity of 100) and  slide ('when two notes are played together) are playable via MIDI.

By the audio input you can process external audio signals thru the 300 filter. the cutoff frequency can be modulated by the FM input with a control voltage. Play other synth via the Bassline´s sequencer by using the CV and gate outputs. the accent output will generate a  gate with +12V level.

  • MIDI input, DIN-Sync in-/output
  • FM input, CV-, Gate- and Accent-output
  • headphone out 3.5mm, main out 1/4"
  • input for external 14V AC power supply.

rugged, black anodized aluminium housing. Dimensions 257 x  170 x  56mm; weight 1.1 kg

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