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Analog synthesizer with a circuitry based on the TB-303 but modfied in many aspects. It offers two oscillators with sync and ring modulation, noise, a sub-oscillator; a filter with keyboard tracking, external audio input and FM as well as a retrigger-able LFO with random and symple & hold. A number of sockets allow for integrating with an analog synthesizer setup but Bombass also understands MIDI.



There are two analog, detunable oscillators with following modes: VCO1's square, VCO1's sawtooth, mix of VCO 1 & 2, sync and ring modulation. You can also mute the VCOs if filtering external audio is desired. in addition there's a sub-oscillator and noise. The VCOs (or only the first one) can be modulated by the LFO and the envelope (Sweep parameter, upwards or downwards).

The LFO can be retrigged with each receiving note and offers keybaord tracking. Besides triangle, square, sawtooth and ramp you also have random and sample & hold. The LFO can modulate filter cutoff and VCO frequency.

The classic resonant TB-303 filter offers cutoff modulations by the LFO, the decay envelope, keyboard tracking and even filter FM be the VCO signal. An external audio signal can be injested as well.

The Bombass can receive note number and note on/off information. Velocity above 99 activates te accent parameter. If a note is received while an other is held, the slide function will be activated. The current note slides to the new note.
For programming press and hold the learn button for two seconds; the first received note defines the MIDI channel.


MIDI In and Thru
Audio in (1/4"), main out (1/4"), headphone out (3.5mm stereo)
CV in, Gate in, Accent In, filter FM in (all: 3.5mm)

The Gate and Accent inputs require a gate with 5-12V amplitude


Rugged aluminium housing, anodized. Dimensions ca. 32 x 21 x 5cm (estimated)

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