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Replication of the good old TR-606 with more/new instruments, more parameters, triggering the instruments via MIDI notes, synchronization to MIDI Clock or DIN Sync and an integrated sequencer with shuffle.



The instruments origin mostly from the 606 but they have been partially expanded by parameters or other Roland drums have been used:

  • Bassdrum1+2: The Bassdrum1 is similar to an 808-Bassdrum with its `down-pitch`, and the parameters Tune and Decay. The Bassdrum2 is the 606-Bassdrum with the Parameters Tune and Decay.
  • Snaredrum1+2: The SnareDrum1 is the 606-SnareDrum (similar to the 808-SnareDrum with a low Tone-setting), with an additional parameter Snappy. The SnareDrum2 is similar to the 808-SnareDrum with a high Tone-setting and a more aggressive Snappy parameter.
  • LowTom + HighTom: Each of the 606-Toms has got a Tune parameter.
  • RimShot + HandClap: The RimShot uses the 808 sound-circuit. The HandClap-circuit is very close to the HandClap of a DR-110.
  • Cymbal: The 606-Cymbal sound-circuit has the additional parameters Tone and Decay, like an 808.
  • HiHats: The HiHats are identical to the HiHats from a 606. There are additional Decay parameters for the OpenHiHat and for the ClosedHiHat.

The seqeuncer offers six modes between which you can change on the fly; then copy/paste (in Pattern Play mode) and variable pattern lengths. The patterns can be chained. Four scales are available. There are two shuffle types (TR-909 and CR-8000), adjustable in 5 steps each. Patterns can be saved into 12 memory locations.

The Drumatix drum machine can be sychronized to MIDI Clock or to DIN-Sync. In MIDI Sync mode it can emit DIN Sync. Each instrument can be played directly with MIDI notes 36-46, above velocity level 100 the instrument is played with accent.


MIDI In, DIN Dync In/Out
3,5mm trigger out (programmed with rimshot)
1/4" individual outputs: Bassdrums, Snares, Toms, Rimshot/Clap, Cymbal, HiHats
1/4" main output
14V AC input for external power supply

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