Acidlab - M303


The M303 is an entire synthesizer voice and to be exact a clone of the TB-303´s analog circuitry in a single Eurorack module. Imagine it as a modular vesion of the Acidlab Bassline without the sequencer but with aditional CV inputs instead.



Oscillator: Waveform is selectable between square and sawtooth. Tuning  control for setting the frequency. 1V/octave CV input for controlling the frequency. VCO-CV with attenuator (VCO Mod control). Input for de-/activating the silde function. Oscillator output.

Filter:303 low pass filter with controls for cutoff and resonance. The cutoff can be modulated with the VCF-CV input with the VCF-Mod control as attenuator.. Besides that the filter features a env-mod control for setting the envelope´s cutoff modulation depth. An audio input allows for filtering external audio material.

Envelope: manually controlled Decay-Envelope with gate input and envelope output.

VCA: internally modulated by the envelope, but alternatively it can work in gate mode. Separate VCA audio input. The accent input allows for setting accents with a CV/trigger.

The level of the audio signal at the OUT socket can be adjusted with the volume control.

  • VCO: CV-In 1V/octave, VCO-CV In, Slide In, VCO Out
  • VCF: Audio input VCF-In, VCF-CV input
  • VCA: Audio input VCA-In
  • envelope: Gate input, envelope output
  • VCA: audio input, accent input, main output

3U Eurorack module, 16HP wide. 41mm deep.
Current draw: 60mA at +12V and 20mA at -12V.

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