Acidlab - POW (Eurorack Power)


Compact and inexpensive solution for powering smaller Eurorack systems with a current draw of maximum 700mA.



The POW works with an external power supply (Euro style wall wart supplied) and provides up to 700mA at +12V and 700mA at -12V.

The power inlet is located on the front of a 4HP wide faceplate. The operational voltages of 12V and -12V needed for Eurorack are provided at a 16-pin flat ribbon cable with connector. Just connect it to a free header of a passive power distribution board.


inlet for external power supply, 16-pin header outlet on the backside for connecting one module or (even better) a bus board.
-12V/Gnd/Gnd/Gnd/+12V and optional 5V/CV and gate


3U Eurorack module with a 4HP wide faceplate

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