Acidlab Robokop


Drum- and Trigger sequencer known from the Acidlab Miami as an Eurorack module. It has pattern memory, 12 trigger tracks, MIDI In, DIN Sync in and Out



Each of Robokop´s patterns has 12 trigger tracks and can be 1-16 steps long. a number of Shuffle modes, four different scales and 12 pattern memories are available.

Writing a pattern is done either in classic chasing light sequencer style in the "Step Write" mode, or by tapping the buttons 1-12 in the "tap write" mode. The tapped sequences are quantized to 16ths. the track modes are for programming songs. Programming accents is possible as well and their volume can be set globally.

An integrated tempo generator but the unit can be synced to MIDI Clock or to DIN Sync. The DIN Sync socket can ast as a Clock output as well so the Robokop acts a MIDI Clock to DIN Sync converter as well! An analog clock input was not possible due to technical reasons.


MIDI In, DIN Sync In (or Out), 12 Trigger outputs, Accent output.


3U Eurorack module, 50HP wide, 28mm deep. Current draw: 80mA@+12V and 20mA@-12V

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