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The ACL Audio Interface is ideally suited for connecting a modular synthesizer to studio respectively stage equipment. The module features two input and output channels with level controls. Studio gear is connected to the Audio Interface via balanced XLR connectors. Besides the main channels, a stereo aux input and a headphone connector were implemented. These channels come equipped with level controls as well. Furthermore, there are routing and mute options. High-grade components and additional features like a soft start function guarantee crystal-clear, natural sound.



The ACL Audio Interface can be used to connect a modular system with equipment like a mixer, a sound card or an effects unit. Line signals are fed to the module via two balanced XLR connectors. A potentiometer allows level adjustments in the range of full attenuation to unity voltage gain (0 dB). Results are emitted via two mini jacks. A LED indicates clipping. (Threshold: 4.5 Vpp)
The other way round, modular signals can be fed to the Audio Interface via two mini jack inputs. Subsequently, the material is processed by a volume control stage. Results are emitted via two balanced XLR connectors. Here, the level potentiometer’s range goes from full attenuation to +6 dB. Again, a LED is used to visualize clipping. (Threshold: 4.5 Vpp)
Furthermore, there is a stereo aux input, which can be routed to either the XLR to mini jack channels or the mini jack to XLR channels. Besides a level knob, the auxiliary input features a mute function.
Beyond that, the Audio Interface offers a headphone connector with level and mute options. It can be used to monitor either the XLR to mini jack channels or the mini jack to XLR channels.


Input section:
Two XLR inputs
Two mini jack outputs
Output section:
Two mini jack inputs
Two XLR outputs
Other connectors:
Stereo aux input
Headphone output


3U Eurorack module, 14 HP wide, 40 mm in depth
Power consumption: 110 mA at +12 V and 120 mA at -12 V

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