ACL - EVE 1 Bus Board


The EVE 1 is an universally usable low-impedance bus board containing two separate power lines with ten polarity protected module connectors each. During development, special attention was paid to low transition resistances between PSU and modules. Extremely wide conductor tracks with six layers guarantee proper separation of all modules and power rails. Crosstalk? Noise? Interferences? – With the EVE 1, these things are all problems of the past.



EVE 1 is the ideal partner for the KAZU power module and the BAR PSU. Thanks to clamp terminals, it is also possible to use the bus board with lots of other power supplies. EVE 1 features exceptionally low transition resistances between PSU and modules. Crosstalk was almost completely eliminated. This is achieved by using six layers of conductive tracks, which stretch over the entire circuit board. For +12 V, -12 V and +5 V, there is one copper plane each. Ground features three layers. High-precision buffer capacitors enhance the low-noise design even further.

EVE 1 is equipped with 20 polarity protected module connectors, divided into two separate lines of ten sockets each. Shielded CV and gate channels according to the Doepfer standard can be (de)activated via jumpers. Connection to the KAZU is established using a five-pin socket. A cable for connecting PSU module and bus board can be found here. Other power supplies may be connected to the EVE-1 via the clamp terminals mentioned above. The unused connector type can be utilized to connect several EVE-1 boards in parallel. Three status LEDs show the state of +12 V, -12 V and +5 V rail.

For connecting KAZU and EVE-1, this cable (sold separately) is required.
37 x 4 centimeters
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