ACL - Gate Mix


The Gate Mix is composed of four channels. Each features a level potentiometer and a mute stage. The latter can be controlled via a switch or a gate input. Besides the master connector, there are two additional outputs, which emit a mixture of channel one and two respectively three and four. Therefore, it is not only possible to use the module as one four channel mixer, but also as two mixers with two channels each.
Utilizing the circuit’s Aux input, users are able to add a fifth signal to the mix. This channel doesn’t offer level or mute options, though.



The Gate Mix features four audio inputs with level potentiometers as well as mute stages. The latter can be activated via switches or gate connectors. Thanks to the module’s fast slew ramping design, there won’t be any clicks while toggling between muted and unmuted states. Besides a master output, there are two additional connectors for tapping off a mixture of channel one and two respectively three and four. An Aux input allows the user to add a fifth audio signal to the mix. The Gate Mix’s sound quality is immaculate. Same goes for the built-quality. 


Five audio inputs, three outputs
Four gate inputs


3U Eurorack module, 12 HP wide, 22 mm in depth
Power consumption: 36 mA at + 12 V and 23 mA at -12 V

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